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Larimar Silver Pendant

Larimar Silver Pendant


Larimar, known famously in the crystal culture as the Stone of Atlantis, is a strikingly beautiful gemstone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. It carries the essence of the Atlantis, the ancient kingdom that was once home to an enlightened master race. What many don't know about Larimar is that it carries the astrological energy signatures of Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Virgo. This energy mixture makes it one of the most valuable gene healing and gene activating crystals in the world.


We sense that Larimar is a genetic super crystal. It can be used by anyone who wishes to consciously heal and enhance their DNA quality. We sense that Larimar is one of the great longevity crystals that offers life extension potential so long as one is living clean and wise. Its energy feels soothing yet subtly warm and electrifying, a sense that matches its gorgeous lightning-on-water design. Larimar has a distinct community and oneness vibe to it, one of brotherly and sisterly love and inclusion.


We sense that Larimar can awaken dormant cellular and soul-level memories of past lives, especially those that connect to Atlantean lifetimes and relationships. Larimar is one of the best emotional healing crystals that also creates harmony between genders. Exposure to it effectively balances male and female energies towards a harmonious, life-supporting union. Larimar brings great energy into family life opening all members to healing, unity and rapid evolution as a divine, unified team.


Anxiety and stress melt away to Larimar's oasis-like energy which makes one feel as if they are immersed in a biologically refreshing healing water. There is a definite resonance between Larimar and the Delphinus constellation, stars which connect to rescue, safety and security. Larimar raises these benefits in one’s life while attracting valuable past life connections into our lives. And while these processes happen our intuition and inner knowing of biological and spiritual family sharply increases.


Larimar is a crystal of biological and energetic homeostasis. It immediately puts the body into a cellular healing state and it can communicate to us through clairvoyance, heart and emotion. For example, at this time of writing I saw a DNA helix being filled with bluish/white light to the point of a blinding flash. We strongly believe that the Stone of Atlantis is absolutely divine for human genetic evolution. Its energy can take us higher by bonding us to a glorious ancient energy of beauty and mastership.


Larimar has tremendous synergy with Lemurian Seed Crystal and Seraphinite, crystals which magnify the ascension, genetic healing and life extension value innate to it. Years ago we were spiritually guided to use Larimar during our pregnancies and the results, we’re happy to say, were always divine. Pregnant mothers and unborn children are blessed by its energy, new super people are seeded by it. And in general terms, the Stone of Atlantis raises intelligence for manifesting higher levels of life security.


We think that Larimar is especially beneficial for souls born with a Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn in Cancer or with detriments in the 4th or 11th houses. Larimar is great for conscious business people and for those who have positions close to the protection and maintenance of life, including in the environmental field. Amari senses that Larimar is a superb choice for environmental healers as it will help them to access high, ancient wisdom about planetary stewardship, resource utilization and nature magic.


This stunning pendant was created from top-grade, naturally-colored, finely-polished Larimar and sterling silver. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance with a 100% success rate of safe delivery. Beautiful Italian silver chains sold separately, see our silver page for options.


Wishing you magical experiences with the Stone of Atlantis,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© 2020-2030. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who illegally uses our metaphysical description of Larimar. If you see it happening contact us for a sweet and swift reward.

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