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Kunzite Pendant

Kunzite Pendant

Kunzite is one of the most valuable "love frequency" crystals. It brings us into a state of "oneness" with the divine by bathing the heart chakra with universal love. It vibrates with a Leo/Pisces energy signature and promotes ascension through a divine heart activation. 

Kunzite helps to evolve us through the power of love. It restores broken hearts, opens closed hearts, and welcomes blessings into one's life. It helps one to develop inner peace, compassion, and love for all of Creation.

Kunzite invites a special kind of magic into one's life because it resonates with the royal star Regulus which is the heart of the Leo constellation. It can help one to connect with the inner Kingdom while developing a loving relationship with the Christ Consciousness.

This pendant was personally created by Mystic Amari. Amari used "AAA" Afghani Kunzite with gold fill wire. It measures 1" long, .75" wide, and .5" thick. It's energy is so sweet and beautiful, you will feel it as soon as you wear it. May your heart be lighter than a feather and brighter than the Sun.

With love and truth,

Salvador and Amari
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