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Key of Victory

Key of Victory


The Key of Victory reveals the secret location in a person's horoscope, to the sign and exact degree, where they are intended and empowered to create divine victories against Satan both for themselves and for the world. This is a very powerful, priceless and lost Hermetic key that I offer in service for those who would like a clear understanding of their astrological Victory.


With this highly advanced service I will discover and thoroughly explain my client's Key of Victory with emphasis on clear, precise and practical methodology that will enable them to eventually master their God-given Victory. I introduce this Key on day zero of Saturn's 2022 retrograde in support of the global spiritual war between Good and Evil. 


This service requires my client's exact birth time, to the minute, as the formula is very sensitive to the minute and degree. I will present my findings in essay and bullet format form in a Word document that will be delivered via secure email. I welcome you to read my reviews for perspective on my service quality and unique skill level. 


Once you understand where your Key of Victory is a powerful new dimension of your personal astrology will open. You will have a working knowledge of how to activate it, how to develop it and when, according to astrological timing, it will be activated by the cosmos itself. If you wish to claim divine victories against evil in the way that God always intended this service is for you. 


I look forward to serving you with my absolute best, may your victories be divine and endless.


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Service Delivery Time

    Due to constant client volume the turn around time for this service varies between 2-4 weeks. Upon booking please expect a significant wait time while knowing that the end result will be wonderfully high in quality. Feel free to write me prior to booking for a more accurate estimation of client wait time. Thanks for your understanding, Sal.

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