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Key of Love

Key of Love


Love and the timing of love are two of the most popular topics in the world of astrology. But the heart of the matter always rests with the Key of Love which is one of the lost Hermetic lots. By applying an esoteric planetary formula I can discover the hidden and precise degree location of your Key of Love so that henceforth you can forever know the timing of true love in your life.


With clear knowledge of the secret location of your Key of Love you’ll gain the power of knowing when true love can manifest according to the cosmic law which astrology encompasses. You’ll gain the ability to forever track alignments to your Key of Love and you’ll be able to match the stars of any suitor to see if any of them aspect your God-given Key of Love.


I offer this service to those who seek the wisest perspective on love possible. There are two tiers to this service. On tier one I calculate and provide the true and precise location of your Key of Love by house, sign and degree. On tier two I forecast the next most auspicious time for true love to manifest according to near-term transits and their future aspects to your Key of Love.


With either tier I'll interpret the most valuable insights as they pertain to the unique location of love within your astrological life. I'll convey the essence of your Key of Love along with any other special insights that come to mind during the performance of my service to you. My goal is to give you a rich and beautiful understanding of love through your stars.


In my many years of blemish-free professional service I have always relied on the wisdom of the Key of Love to ascertain deep levels of chemistry and the future timing of love. I offer this service to anyone who would like something true and solid as far as love and astrology are concerned. Once you know where your Key of Love is you can forever watch it bloom as the gods pass it from season to season.


For further perspective, the Key of Love can also be used in progressionary astrological analysis so there is great long term value in this service. And on a very special personal note, I encountered my beloved Amari during the year when my progressed Venus aspected my own Key of Love! I wish the same magic for you.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Service Delivery Speed

    At present my estimated delivery speed for this service is between 2-4 weeks depending on client volume. Jupiter VIP service members are served more quickly. If you have any questions about this service message us through our contact page. 

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