Key of Love

The Key of Love is one of the famed Hermetic lots. Knowledge of its metaphysical location enables one to consciously experience true love in a profound cosmic manner. By applying an esoteric astrological formula I can discover the exact location of my client’s Key of Love to the precise degree and arc minute. The Key of Love offers the following benefits and insights to the astrologically conscious seeker:

- revelation of the timing of true love by astrological aspect and progression

- revelation of true love chemistry by synastry

- revelation of the source point to pure and intense divine love

- wise insight on how genuine love can be rightly won from others

- wise insight on how physical and spiritual healing can lawfully occur with divine love

- wise insight on where love can be found

- foreknowledge of the timing of mystical experiences with divine love

- revelation of love-themed knowledge, wisdom, and mystical experience

This is an advanced astrological service intended for those who consciously observe their lives through their horoscopes. The Key of Love functions exactly like a birth planet. When the Sun, Moon, planets, and gods align to it one will experience love-themed synchronicities. This level of self-observation is essential to truly benefit from your Key of Love for the rest of your natural life.

As this service is based upon extremely fine calculations I will require your exact date, city, and time of birth to discover your Key of Love. I will provide the degree location of your Key of Love and I will interpret prominent themes and energies that surround it so that you have a working knowledge of its function. Beyond this it will be up to you to track and observe the astrological alignments that will periodically activate your Key of Love.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo
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