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Key of Fortune

Key of Fortune


Since ancient times astrology has been used to determine one's fortune in life. Personal fortune is God-given at birth, fortunes evolve as we age and fortunes also change on an annual basis. The fortune formula involves the sun, moon and ascendant but proper interpretation of fortune is a skill that is rare, preciously valuable and powerful.


Through this service I will identify and interpret my client's natal fortune in bullet point format from a high to low priority level. I'll provide the 20 most valuable expressions of their fortune and how they can best access or manifest that fortune. I will also detail specific times and astrological events in their near future that will most beneficially activate their fortune.


Going further, I will also detail and interpret major themes connected to my client's progressed fortune which reveals the evolution of fortune in their life according to their present age. I will then look ahead into my client's next solar return chart to see and explain major themes connected to the fortune of their next annual astrological cycle. 


Because the fortune formula depends on a true ascendant this service requires a precisely accurate birth time. I am willing to work with clients who don't have a perfect birth time but understand that in this case the lack of birth time can distort the true location and reading of fortune. That stated, I prefer to work with clients who have true birth times.


Through my Key of Fortune service I'll provide my client with a radiantly wise, clear and true understanding of their fortune on many levels, from natal fortune to the progressed fortune to the next annual fortune in their next solar return. Knowledge of this caliber will naturally translate into major forms of success in my client's life, including and especially in a financial sense.


If you are new to my work or have skepticism about what I offer here I welcome you to read the long lists of rave client reviews that I've amassed over the last twelve years here and here and here. I am a "real deal" professional Christian astrologer with a powerful track record of success, especially on the client work level. I continue to work successfully with clients from all around the world.


I look forward to working with you, my aim is to help you understand and master your fortunes so that you can multiply them with clarity, wisdom and confidence. 


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo




PS. I chose a dragon concept for this service image at the suggestion of my psychic wife Amari. Dragons are mythically known to be guardians of great fortunes and treasures. 

  • Service Delivery Time

    Due to constant client demand this service has an estimated turn around time of 4-6 weeks. If you'd like a more precise estimate on turn around time feel free to contact me. Advanced intuitive work of this nature cannot and should not be rushed. 

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