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Key of Death

Key of Death


Can astrology be used to gain insight into the nature of one's death and its possible timing? The answer is yes. In the ancient world certain astrological "lots" existed that revealed extremely valuable degrees in a person's horoscope that added greater, initiated perspective to that soul's life. Most of these lots have been lost to the sands of time with the lot of fortune being the only accurate lot in mainstream astrological culture.


Over the years I have relearned these ancient lots although they have come to mind as keys just as they were described in the Emerald Tablets. One of the keys that I have relearned is the Key of Death which reveals the specific house and degree where a person can meet their end. The Key of Death reveals one of the most dangerous degrees in the horoscope but through its knowledge great power and insight can be gained.


Once located, the Key of Death enables a profound new dimension of personal astrological observation where a person can conscious see when there are adverse alignments to their Key of Death, for example with Saturn. This heightened vigilance can translate into life-preserving decisions, actions, and defensive measures that can prevent and delay an untimely end. Knowledge of the Key of Death can actually preserve life.


Through this service I will calculate and discover the true and precise location of your Key of Death. I will then interpret the most prominent themes connected to it so that you gain a clear awareness to the types of dangers that are most resonant with it. I will then highlight certain times and planetary aspects that you should be especially careful of as there are periodic astrological times when mortal threats are more intense or common.


Through my service you will learn which of the twelve zodiac signs is most dangerous to you and you'll be able to use your revealed Key of Death in all future astrological chemistry comparisons with others. If someone, for example, has a natal Mars, Saturn, or Pluto that aspects your Key of Death you would be wise to avoid dealing with them altogether. But someone could also bring the Sun or Jupiter in aspect to your Key of Death and they could prove to be life savers. The possibilities are tremendous.


This is an advanced, Hermetic-level astrological service that is intended for those who are already consciously observing their lives through their horoscopes. But it can certainly be beneficial for anyone with an open mind. With the location of your astrological Key of Death in mind you'll be forever shielded against it through the power of knowledge. Some say that death can be cheated. This service will arm you for that type of experience.


Ever exploring the mystery of God,


Astrologer Salvador Russo




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  • Service Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 4 - 8 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

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