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Juno Session

Juno Session


In ancient Roman religion Juno was the exalted queen of the gods who held the honored position of state protector and divine counselor to the ruling class. Juno personified royalty, purity, fertility and ideal feminine power while she maintained her goddess duties that focused upon the preservation and continuation of life from generation to generation. Juno was and continues to be especially protective and graceful toward women, children, marriages, families and all which protects and reinforces them.


In our modern time Juno’s influence is especially vital so we are pleased to offer our new “Juno Session” for those seeking specialized counsel, insight, guidance and wisdom that will strengthen and enlighten them on the levels of family, marriage, career, business, health and healing, philosophy and mastery of one’s own natal Juno according to her position within your birth chart. When we properly understand and align with Juno’s energy/potential as given by God in our personal astrology our lives begin to flourish in accordance with the jurisdiction and powers of Juno which are intimate to all of our lives.


Mystic Amari will deliver her Juno Sessions through one hour Skype video consultations. She will work from your birth chart so that she can teach you about your natal Juno while answering all of your questions and concerns with the full extent of her clairvoyant vision, psychic gnosis and valuable experience as a professional spiritual counselor, mother, wife, businesswoman and politically conscious citizen. This service can be booked at package rates should one hour Juno Sessions be appropriate for a spouse, partner or family member who is involved. Sessions are non-refundable once they are booked.


During her consultation Mystic Amari will place emphasis on self-love, pinnacle career success, ideal methods of harmonizing professional and family life, advice on successful business ventures, important family structuring, teaching and philosophy, working guidance for couples and how best one can be in service to their nation at this time. In a woman’s chart Juno represents potential stardom and ideal diving feminine energy expression. In a man’s chart Juno represents how a man can become a star to women through his expression of divine feminine energy. Amari can discuss this topic upon request.


Those who are new to Amari’s work can read her rave reviews here. Should you have any questions about this service feel free to write us here. Amari looks forward to providing you with wonderful, Juno-inspired counsel. Session times will be strategically timed to Juno alignments for maximum value, magic and positive impact.


On behalf of my precious Juno wife,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



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