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Indigo Blue Flash Labradorite Pendant

Indigo Blue Flash Labradorite Pendant


Labradorite is a beautifully enchanting Northern Lights gemstone that is almost hypnotic in its allure. It’s a starseed awakening crystal that smoothly and mystically transitions the mind from 3D to 5D operation. It has a very exotic and valuable effect on the mind as it gradually opens perception and mental processing to abstract yet all-important concepts such a synchronicity, the cosmic archetypes and the ‘above/below’ alchemical paradigm that sercretly governs life from the cosmic down to the terrestrial.


Labradorite is a superb gemstone for students and practitioners of astrology. In fact, it was the second gemstone that I worked with in a serious way at the start of my own astrological career coming second only to the illustrious Moldavite. Labradorite’s aurora-like energy triggers a multidimensional mental expansion that enables the mind to perceive and understand the mysterious and complex nature of astrology at much higher levels. Labradorite is perfect for those who want to mentally grasp astrology.


Labradorite is highly stimulating to the third eye and ‘cosmic’ crown chakras. One of its greatest values is that it grooms the mind into the all-precious state of cosmic consciousness to the extent that one can visually see, through the inner and outer eyes, cosmic synchronicity in action within their life. In this sense, Labradorite is a gemstone of initiation into cosmic consciousness but it also raises sense and instinct for the future. In other words, it offers definite precognitive benefits to those who use it.


With beautiful, high-grade Labradorite on your necklace you’ll begin making a secret transition into multidimensional life. You’ll begin to see and understand the profound parallels between cosmic activity and terrestrial life. As the universal language of synchronicity begins speaking to you in increasingly dramatic and divine ways, you’ll begin to navigate and understand life in a magical, odyssey-like way. Labradorite will attune your mind to see and understand the secret software of life and Mystery.


Labradorite is a very ‘astral’ type of crystal. It is highly bonded to the cosmic sphere as its enchanting light suggests. It raises resilience against negative forms of astral flux that manifests in our lives during hard astrological alignments. Labradorite allows us to move through difficult astrological times with a higher degree of poise and neutrality as it helps us to understand the higher reason of the time. When astrological weather is harsh, use Labradorite to regain balance, clarity and ascension momentum.


On the personal level, Labradorite enhances one’s level of cosmic self-perception, including in profound visual ways that manifest spontaneously and clairvoyantly, so that we have a very deep and true perspective of our life from the grand cosmic view. Labradorite enhances astrological chart reading ability in valuable ways that allow us to make enlightening and transformational connections between the symbols and our deep, soul-level self. Mystical readers of all kinds stand to benefit from Labradorite.


We consider Labradorite to be an ascension crystal because it helps us to sense and identify, through a heightened cosmic connection, which events and opportunities are genuinely connected to our growth and ascent in life. Labradorite offers interdimensional healing properties to those who feel strange in their bodies and while it enhances our consciousness and abstract learning abilities, Labradorite inspires us to share our knowledge, learning and experience with the world in service of a greater good for all.


This is an exquisite, top quality indigo blue flash labradorite pendant set in sterling silver. Wearing it will keep you continually exposed to its beneficial energy. This pendant represents the best color and quality of labradorite in the international marketplace. We are pleased to offer you the finest so that your energy experiences are highest. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance with a 99.99% delivery success rate. 


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


"Sal & Amari"


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