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Faceted Heliodore Bracelet A+++ (8-10mm)

Faceted Heliodore Bracelet A+++ (8-10mm)


This is an absolutely superb bracelet made of top grade heliodore, a name which translates in Greek to "gift of the Sun." This variety of beryl emits a divine Leo charge. When worn it makes one feel like they are glowing with sunlight on the inside. It feels joyful, confident, enlightened, powerful and focused. It offers great enrichment through Leo energy attunement and expression. It will bring out your star potential and qualities to full power. It whispers "star maker" and resonates super strongly with spiritual and heavenly royalty. 


In time we will provide a full and just metaphysical impression of this precious Leo gem. Fine heliodore has become very, very difficult to source in the crystal marketplace. We are pleased to offer this incredible bracelet of heliodore, the larger and only one that we have to offer, to a very special person out there. It has a sterling silver clasp and can adjust to fit wrist sizes between 7" and 8". 


We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance, we will continue to strive to bring the best of the Mineral Kingdom to you.


Much love,


Sal & Amari

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    This bracelet is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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