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A+++ Faceted Rondelle Tanzanite Bracelet

A+++ Faceted Rondelle Tanzanite Bracelet


Tanzanite is a rare and precious gemstone that has tremendous psychic and magical value. It resonates with Fomalhaut, the brightest star of the Pisces constellation, which is known to the wise as the Star of the Magi. Attunement with Tanzanite opens one to their God-given magical potential which can be astrologically identified through the Key of Magic. Tanzanite attunes our minds to operate in their most magical mode. First-time attunement with Tanzanite can feel disorienting but as this passes the “new magical you” emerges in mysteriously wonderful way.


Tanzanite is the true birthstone of Pisces. Through attunement with Tanzanite one learns how to master Pisces energy and their own 12th house. Tanzanite is sacred to the living goddess Isis, the same goddess who transits astrologically through the asteroid bearing her roman name of Juno. Tanzanite is known to the gods as "the veil crystal" because it expands our perceptions so that we can see through the mystical veil between our world and the higher cosmic realms. Tanzanite works primarily on the crown and third eye chakras.


Through the alchemy of Tanzanite one quickly becomes more selfless, more pious, and much more psychically aware. Tanzanite often speaks through flashes of clairvoyance so expect a marvelous new type of inner vision to accompany your spiritual journey with Tanzanite just as Fomalhaut looks like a cosmic eye. You will also gain a new gnosis for the needs of others and a new motivation to help them with your new power. Through this magical selflessness great blessings will be unlocked for you so that you can ascend in majestic ways.  


Tanzanite is also a crystal of sanctuary. It will draw in light and wealth into the weakest and most tragic aspects of our lives to bolster and solidify us where we need it most. Tanzanite is the mineral kingdom’s answer to tragedy so it makes a perfect gift to anyone who battles with tragedy, either past or ongoing. It is the most powerful crystal for conquering self-defeat and permanently transcending self-imposed limitations or forms of sabotage. Tanzanite is the crystal key that unlocks many mystical jail cells.


We recommend Tanzanite for anyone who was born with a Pisces sun or moon and for those who feel challenged by the Pisces placements in their horoscopes. This especially applies to those with retrograde Pisces placements, Saturn in Pisces, or difficult 12th house placements. The alchemy of Tanzanite will enhance you to understand and conquer it all. This crystal transforms deadlocked hopelessness into mystically-empowered progress. And if you work in the psychic services industry Tanzanite will have you delivering your best work ever.

If you want to get the absolute most out of mystical living Tanzanite is an ideal choice. It will put you in tune with the magic of the universe while developing your intuitive and psychic potentials in a gentle but dramatic way. Humbly but truthfully, Tanzanite’s energy makes us think of Jesus Christ, the way he was, the way he served and the great magic and psychic knowing that he had of all things. His selflessness, his devotion to others and the miracles that he performed.


This is a dazzling, A+++ grade faceted Tanzanite bracelet. It was personally created by Mystic Amari out of fine Tanzanian Tanzanite, high-durability stretch cord and a gold fill bead. It comes in two size options, 3-4mm bead size and a 5-6mm bead size. The rich color is totally natural, there has been no dyeing or heat treatment whatsoever. They measure approximately 7" in circumference and they are a bit stretchy, the price is for one singular bracelet. Its energy is extremely potent for its size and the color is just gorgeous. Bless your mystical development while looking amazing along the way.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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