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Faceted Lux Moldavite Pendant

Faceted Lux Moldavite Pendant


Moldavite is the supreme crystal for life transformation into destiny fulfillment. It carries a Taurus/Aquarius energy signature that is true to its extraterrestrial origin. It stimulates the priceless development of cosmic consciousness so it is a treasure to anyone who wants to learn and experience astrology on a very high, magical level. Moldavite is a powerful activation crystal. Its energy will work on your mind, light body, and DNA so that your special gifts and talents activate in the most powerful and valuable ways. Moldavite will show you your destiny.


As Moldavite upgrades you divinely it will also attract your twin flame, soulmates from past lives, and other mission-critical people who can help you to fulfill your highest purposes. Moldavite will raise your energy field to a cosmic level of light and frequency so you might experience some temporary ascension symptoms as you acclimate to a higher vibratory rate. Moldavite’s energy can also repel people and situations out of your life if they are blocking your highest path. It is a crystal of rapid life transformation so use it consciously and purposefully.

We have always sensed that Moldavite is charged with energy from the Pleiades star cluster. Moldavite can draw in reality-altering celestial light that enables your ascension and destiny fulfillment here in the material plane. It can increase your level of astrological wealth so that you live and operate on a higher dimension. Moldavite does cause divine dimensional increases. The process is quite magical actually, we are still amazed by it. If you want to break free from a mundane life that lacks divine purpose Moldavite is your crystal ticket into higher living.


We also consider Moldavite to be an odyssey crystal because it opens the mind to the magical dimension of astrological life experience. It will increase the synchronicity in your life to mind blowing proportions. You’ll be able to see, trust, and follow universal signs into a higher life and path of service. A beautiful aspect of Moldavite is that it charges the heart while it opens your mind and expands your consciousness. As Moldavite empowers us it also compels us, through our hearts, to use our new light for the highest good of the world. It resonates with altruism.


Moldavite also helps us to understand the truth of our star origins. To us it is the most valuable starseed awakening crystal. It will bond you, in a beautiful celestial way, to other members of your spiritual team. There is a unity element to Moldavite that bonds its owners together in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. Moldavite will open you to the cosmic level of alchemy where portals open and stars change in accordance with one’s spiritual mission. There is definite magic to Moldavite. The best things in our life manifested after our exposure to Moldavite. As a matter of fact, Starseed Astrology was born through Moldavite. We’ll never, ever forget it…

This is a luxury-grade, faceted Moldavite pendant set in sterling silver. It is of the highest quality, beauty, craftsmanship, and energetic vibrance possible in the metaphysical marketplace. Faceted Moldavite is becoming increasingly difficult to source and produce because of covid-era supply chain problems. Get yours while supplies last.


With commitment to crystal quality,

Sal & Amari

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