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Faceted Green Amethyst Pendant

Faceted Green Amethyst Pendant


Green amethyst, like its famous purple sibling, is a wonderful crystal for entering a truly spiritual life although it places more emphasis on heart, love, physical healing and emotional wellness rather than the higher crown and intuitive connection that purple amethyst offers. Green amethyst, also known as prasiolite, works exceptionally well in support of physical healing processes, especially at the cardiac, digestive and behavioral health levels. This beautiful crystal helps us to live from the heart which directly advances our own healing process, higher spiritual development and joyful forms of life progress.


When worn green amethyst instills a warm angelic sense of healing serenity, spiritual wellness, energetic revitalization and uplifted optimism that reminds us of the feeling of spring’s dawn. Similar to purple amethyst, green amethyst helps us to overcome forms of sabotage that are harmful to our lives and restricting to our cosmic ascent. Green amethyst concentrates this protective energy on our health practices especially and against anything that is destrimental to our heart. In its own gentle way it teaches and influences us to adopt wiser, healthier practices that serve our most divine interests.  


Part of the magic of green amethyst is that it attracts people into your life who can help to advance your healing process and spiritual development combined. This crystal is highly supportive of lifting people up from low places, especially as it pertains to poor health, a lack of love and lack of adequate supports to truly level up in terms of wellness, happiness and healthy relationships. We do think that green amethyst has trauma recovery benefits and that it harmonizes very well with other green ray healing crystals like emerald and seraphnite. Green amethyst has a definite happy-holistic vibration to it.


We distinctly sense that green amethyst is absolutely wonderful for aspiring healers who seek to learn and master the divine healing arts. We strongly recommend it to those who resonate with this type of service path as green amethyst will quicken and enrich your learning, ability and success as a healer. On that note, green amethyst is a wise choice for healers (especially energy healers) who feel depleted and sub-optimal in their own energy or motivation levels. Charge up to your brilliant max with prasiolite in your field. It functions very similar to a crystal battery that helps to restore maximum healing potency.


Green amethyst encourages genuine work and effort on self-healing and physical temple restoration. Its energy helps people to stay focused on important inner healing work that they otherwise might neglect or abandon. This is a great crystal for those in fragile states of health or recovery who need divine consistency in their lives to assure their healing success. Green amethyst has a Pisces-Virgo energy signature to it which is very important for where we are heading astrologically as malefic Saturn will test and tax us on the Pisces/Virgo astrological axis between 2023 and 2026. It’s a wise one for times ahead.


We are pleased to offer this super-fine, master-cut faceted green amethyst pendant set in sterling silver. The picture doesn’t do it full justice as the gemstone is extremely luminous and passes sunlight radiantly. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to its energy-benefits. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance, we also welcome you to our crystal reviews page where you can read many amazing crystal reviews from real world clients of ours. Chains sold separately, pendant ships in excellent condition, all sales final.


Wishing you divine experiences with your new green amethyst,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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