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Faceted Aquamarine Pendant

Faceted Aquamarine Pendant

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The crystal of life is aquamarine, the true birthstone of Cancer. Its name derives from the Latin words for sea water which is most appropriate as Cancer astrologically governs the seas and waterways of our world. Aquamarine is one of the most valuable longevity crystals so it’s a wise choice for anyone interested in a divinely extended and enriched life span. Aquamarine is life force in crystal form and it is our mystical belief that the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life shines through it.


Aquamarine feels refreshing, youthful, calming and nurturing. It quells anger, anxiety, worry, stress, restlessness and heals empathic overload. It offers a perfect therapeutic energy for those who feel overworked and depleted. Aquamarine will have you feeling nurtured and healed so that you can continue to flow successfully through life. It teaches us to be fluid with life while it raises wisdom in us about the profound cycles of life, many of which are tied to the moon. If your emotions need healing and mastery aquamarine awaits your embrace.


Aquamarine is a treasure for business people because its energy strengthens and prospers all business affairs. It is equally fortunate for those involved with real estate, home development, interior design and any type of trade or industry connected to homes, properties or living spaces. Aquamarine is also a divine fertility crystal that primes our bodies for procreation. In pregnancy and maternity care aquamarine provides a perfect energetic environment for new life to thrive in.


If reconciliation and family healing are on your agenda aquamarine offers the perfect energy to make it happen. If you’d like to increase the harmony, prosperity and security of your domestic life invite and aquamarine into your home. For those who are haunted by their past or a bad mother, aquamarine offers divine healing alchemy for those in need of true release. If past life regression is a must make the experience much more gentle and divinely productive by bringing aquamarine into it.


Ancestral wisdom flows through aquamarine, the crystal of ancient enlightenment. It shows us the forgotten gems from our past in ways that motivate and inspire a brighter future and all while doing so in the sweetest, most loving way possible. Aquamarine raises emotional IQ and teaches us how to process emotions productively while helping us to live from the heart. It brings a tender, sincere energy with it, the kind that opens, heals and attracts relationships.


Although we have yet to verify this with scientific testing we believe that aquamarine’s energy has a super-beneficial effect on telomere lengthening, the slowing of cellular aging and potentially, on reversing our biological clock. If bio-hacking or life extension are of interest to you we encourage you to being your experimentation with the highest grades of aquamarine. We genuinely believe that aquamarine has Fountain of Youth type effects on our bodies and that this is one of its greatest gifts.


On a more mystical level we believe that aquamarine is sacred to Poseidon, god of the seas. It aids with safe passage over water and with good fortune through water-based commerce. I see sailors holding it in their hand and smiling in my mind’s eye as I write this. Amari senses a distinct divine feminine energy with aquamarine, an all-nurturing goddess energy that feels indescribably good. She also senses that aquamarine inspires us to care more for our body through an increase in cellular intelligence, communication and awareness.


We especially recommend aquamarine to anyone born with the sun, moon, ascendant, Saturn, retrogrades or prominent progressions in Cancer. Aquamarine is also a wonderful gemstone for new parents and for those who deal with strife on the home front. It also makes a great gift to someone who struggles with personal security. Aquamarine is “the jewel of the sea” that draws “the waters of Heaven” to the aid of its owner. It will always be one of our favorites.


This beautiful pendant was created from quality, natural color aquamarine and sterling silver. Hang this treasure on your neck for constant immersion in the energy benefits. We ship worldwide with tracking, insurance and a 99.99% delivery success rate.


Wishing you divine experiences with this lovely aquamarine pendant,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© 2023-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who illegally uses our metaphysical description of Aquamarine.

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