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Emerald, Lapis Lazuli & Amazonite Bracelet

Emerald, Lapis Lazuli & Amazonite Bracelet


This exotic bracelet was created by Mystic Amari out of high-grade amazonite, lapis lazuli and emerald faceted beads at the 3-5mm size. Durable stretch cord and gold fill beads were also used. Half the bracelet is made of fine emerald.


This type of bracelet would have been worn by an Egyptian elites in ancient times. In the future, as time permits, we'll fully detail its energy properties which can be read, for now, on other gem listings (emerald, lapis). 


This is a one of a kind creation that will enhance you on the Scorpio, Gemini and Cancer energy levels. It will help you to overcome dark obstacles in peace, power and confident focus. Very refreshing, power amplifier, gnostic mental vibe. 


Measures 7" in wrist size. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. 

Much love,


Sal & Amari 

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    This bracelet is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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