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Emerald "Isis" Bracelet

Emerald "Isis" Bracelet


Magical emerald, the true birthstone of Scorpio, exceeds the value of diamond when quality is equal. To a Christian mystic emerald represents the gemstone of resurrection that grants authority over the House of Scorpio and all of its dark and sacred potentials. Emerald was greatly respected in the ancient world as it was used to inscribe the most valuable alchemical wisdom via the famed Emerald Tablets. Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt, was said to have been virtually fanatical about them, likely because of ancient belief that emerald imbued eternal youth, fertility, white magic and a supernatural rebirthing process and all while communicating the extraordinary wealth, taste and social status of their owner.


For many years we’ve observed countless astrological synchronicities that confirmed emerald as the true birthstone of Scorpio. Emerald quickens a Scorpio’s development into their highest and most divine potentials while helping them to conquer negative aspects of their sign’s nature. Emerald gradually raises a Scorpio’s ability to manifest higher degrees of fortune within their lives while assisting the other tribes to succeed and thrive in the area of their life that is signed with Scorpio according to their houses. Regardless of sign, emerald helps us to conquer forms of evil in our lives. It has a death-preventing frequency that repels danger and demonic forces while fortunately revealing threats unknown.


As the master crystal of Scorpio emerald offers divine benefits that help souls to overcome difficult and fearsome situations connected to the following:


  • heavy debt burdens


  • crime and conspiracy


  • toxic power struggles


  • demonic influence


  • sexual dysfunction


  • psychological disturbance


  • credit restrictions


  • sleep disorders


  • envy, abuse, hatred and exploitation


  • negative control and entrapment


  • unrepaid wealth, arrears


  • lost persons and valuables


  • poverty, pain and suffering


  • disease and medical procedures


  • lack of power or insurance


Here are some of the spiritual, metaphysical and practical benefits of working with emerald:


  • psychic cleansing and empowerment


  • enhanced regenerative ability


  • deeper sleep and richer dreams


  • success and fortune in tax affairs


  • opens wealth access belonging to others


  • accelerates conquest of personal demons


  • redirects black magic against the sender


  • resonates with hidden, mystical wealth


  • helps to recover or replace lost valuables


  • works mysteriously to solve crimes, reveal criminals


  • quickens positive transformation processes


  • taps one in to the esoteric realm


  • resurrects a broken life


  • quickens recovery from trauma


  • raises divine power in the owner


There is much more to the profoundly redemptive emerald but for now just know that it will bring a divine dose of the positive Scorpio energy/potential into your life. We are pleased to offer these beautiful, richly and naturally colored faceted emerald bracelets. They are created by Mystic Amari out of A+++ quality faceted emeralds and gold fill beads. Wearing one will keep you constantly exposed to its beneficial properties while looking like a mystic royal in the process. 


Emerald is typically extremely high in cost so we are pleased to offer quality specimens at accessible prices. The emeralds for this bracelet were humanely sourced from Madagascar. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance, may your emerald experiences be deeply and divinely transformational.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© 2022-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who plagiarizes our metaphysical description of emerald.

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