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Dioptase & Gold Custom Pendant

Dioptase & Gold Custom Pendant


Dioptase is a rare, captivating and enchanting gemstone of life that comes from the ultra-lush landscapes of Congo, an equatorial nation that is profoundly connected to the spirit and energy of Gaia. Dioptase beams the frequency of revitalized life and joyful abundance of health in a dramatically divine way that restores strength and power in the physical body while erasing negative feelings connected to disease, trauma and depressed physical states. The invigoration of Dioptase makes one feel as they did years ago when the wear and tear of life wasn’t so taxing on the body. The new vitality feels joyful and amazing.


The best Dioptase, which we are offering you, comes from Congo, an extremely fecund nation which is bisected by the equator which spiritually represents the peak fertility band of the planet. Mystically, Dioptase connects one to the protective, life-nourishing energy that emits from Gaia’s Navel which is the spiritual interface between the Earth Mother of the Essene Wisdom and the physical, terrestrial planet. All of the equatorial nations are well known for being divinely fertile and rich in value. This is because of the secret Gaia/equator connection which Dioptase uniquely and powerfully resonates with.


Dioptase, with its glorious emerald-teal color, has always been prized in collector’s circles but as of late it’s becoming increasingly popular within the metaphysical community. As Christian mystics we feel that Dioptase is more important than ever because of the way that it can help people to experience renewal from physical disease, damage and suffering. Diseases, chronic conditions and long-term ailments can all leave a very dark and heavy energetic residue on our spirits, even after they’ve been neutralized. We highly recommend mana-vibrant Dioptase to those who wish to revitalize their spirit and health to the highest levels.


We sense distinctly that Dioptase is also a ‘psychic tuner’ to the natural world, strengthening our intuitive intelligence to all things Mother Nature. This is a wise crystal choice for people with work, special projects or life paths that are intimately connected to the environment, its preservation, its renewal or its development. Also contained in Dioptase is the frequency of nature’s abundance, especially as it pertains to the ‘bounties of the Earth Mother’ that nourish and sustain us during our ‘earth walks.’ There is much more to tell but that will have to wait for the publishing of our crystal codex.


This is a gorgeous, custom-designed Dioptase pendant wrapped in gold fill wire by Mystic Amari, the psychic half of Starseed Astrology. The Dioptase crystal is richly and naturally colored, there is no heat treatment whatsoever. We have searched for years to obtain this quality level in Dioptase so we are very pleased to offer you access at this top grade level. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


May your energy experience with Dioptase be divine,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© 2022-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who illegally uses our metaphysical description of Dioptase.

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