Italian Silver Diamond Cut Rope

Italian Silver Diamond Cut Rope


We offer master crafted diamond cut Italian silver chains at the 24" length to complement your metaphysical jewelry. Silver is one of the classical metals in alchemy, corresponding to the moon, its energy and its mystical influence which changes every 2.5 days as it rounds the zodiac wheel eternally. 


Silver is a Lilith-protective metal that helps us to develop a special kind of timing-intuition with respect to the lunar course. This is an extremely valuable benefit because when we live in harmony with the astrological Moon as she advances through our houses we are more in sync with divine will. 


These necklaces are extremely radiant, masterfully cut with diamond and have the ".925 Italy' stamps sealed on the clasps. Adorn yourself with this beautiful silver which will appreciate in value over time while selecting a wise crystal or gemstone to hang from it. 


In the near future we'll be adding other sizes and options in silver. 


Happy to bring you the best in quality,


Sal & Amari



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