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Citrine sings the songs of joy, beauty, and creativity. One of its greatest gifts is the stimulation of clairvoyant creativity, a blessed ability that enables a person to see creative inspiration in their mind’s eye that they may then manifest as their heart directs. Citrine emits a mixture of Leo and Gemini energies, this is why a person will feel cheerful, charming, creative, witty, flirty, fun, crisp, and focused while resonating with it. This is a wonderful crystal choice for anyone with an artistic streak to their soul because it will stimulate your creative drive while elevating the quality of your creative expression.


Citrine also resonates with the innocent joys of childhood and it helps us to connect with our inner child no matter how far deep it is. This is especially important for those who feel that their childhood was stolen through trauma and abuse. Citrine’s energy medicine is ideal for children who lack happiness in their lives and for those who work frequently with children. Wasn’t it Jesus Christ who taught that we must be child-like to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Citrine instills this type of disposition in our hearts and minds so in this way it is a gateway crystal that empowers us to shine our inner beauty to the world.


Citrine is also about passion focus. It syncs the heart and the mind to focus like a laser on one’s passion pursuits whatever they may be. Citrine empowers us to manifest the visions of our hearts in the material plane. For those who don’t yet know what their passion truly is, Citrine’s energy works to answer that question through inner spiritual experiences and external synchronicities. This effect becomes even more pronounced when Citrine is mixed with Moldavite, the extraterrestrial destiny crystal. It resonates with the solar plexus chakra and with optimal gastrointestinal health. Citrine is a great GI health crystal.


Citrine is a gemstone of inner beauty. It helps us to discover, re-discover, and develop our inner, God-given beauty. As this beauty-magic takes hold our mental confidence is raised so that we don’t feel shy about shining our beauty into the world. Citrine is a powerful crystal antidote to any type of creative blockage. It is a classic go-to crystal for artists who must create against an important professional or economic deadline. Citrine is a social butterfly type of crystal that can attract fortune and opportunity into your life through types of social gatherings. Its energy is very photogenic so get ready to smile!


Citrine carries a special resonance with Jophiel, the great patron angel of divine beauty and artistry. With Citrine’s light filling your aura like an inner sunshine it becomes much easier to receive creative inspiration from this blessed angel of light. In truth, Citrine sends a signal to Jophiel and to the entire universe that you are ready to create beauty in a higher way. This is a perfect crystal choice for anyone who feels that they have dormant Leo energy that isn’t fully realized. Citrine will be the spark that sets your creativity on fire! And once you’re manifesting in this way your joy will elevate into the stars.


In astrological terms, we especially recommend Citrine to anyone who was born with the following: Saturn or Pluto in Leo, retrograde planets or asteroids in Leo, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Venus in Leo, a 3rd house signed with Leo, a 5th house signed with Gemini, and the Part of Fortune in Leo. Apart from these recommendations, Citrine is also a great rebound crystal for those who are depressed from a breakup. It will help to clear the funk much faster so that you can get back to being your beautiful, happy self. And if you’ve got a show or performance to deliver, let Citrine be the ace in your sleeve.


This is a gorgeous, natural, brilliantly faceted citrine pendant set in sterling silver.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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