Charoite Third Eye Tabs

Charoite Third Eye Tabs


Charoite is a rare, beautiful and enchanting gemstone that can only be found in Russia. It’s a highly effective fear melting crystal that promotes psychological healing, mental purification and psychic development. By wearing or meditating with Charoite you’ll open yourself to the following benefits:


  • gentle, powerful, and stabilizing psychological healing


  • accelerated recovery from trauma, PTSD, and negative programming


  • an increasing and refreshing sense of mental purification


  • a life-transforming cleansing of the subconscious mind


  • the melting away of negative and repetitious thought patterns


  • an acceleration of intuitive and psychic development


  • the reclamation and strengthening of lost personal power


  • a new sense of fearlessness in using your spiritual power


Charoite has resonance with Scorpio and Gemini astrological energies so it’s a wise choice for anyone seeking healing, empowerment and quality of life increases on these levels. Simply put, if you’ve been through hell Charoite is the crystal to melt the fear and pain out of your mind in a gentle, natural and mystical way.


The efficacy of Charoite can be further amplified by combing it with Herkimer diamonds which we also offer. Charoite is especially beneficial to those born with retrogrades in Scorpio, afflicted Scorpio planets or afflicted 8th house planets. Charoite will bring a master cleanse into your deepest layers of consciousness.


These are high-grade Charoite third eye tabs. You can choose from small, medium or large size. We recommend meditation with them laid on your forehead. The healing magic will flow from there.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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