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Blue/Amber Flash Moonstone Pendant

Blue/Amber Flash Moonstone Pendant


Blue flash moonstone resonates with the soft powers and spiritual virtues of the mystical moon. Wearing one feels like a soft cocoon of Light that enshrouds, soothes, heals and activates on the emotional and intuitive levels. It keeps us in-tune with our true soul essence while helping us to purge dark and deeply fixated emotional wounds. Blue flash moonstone helps us to remain in a state of emotional harmony despite the moon’s location, it is a beautiful gemstone of emotional mastery.


Amari senses a distinct “priestess vibe” in blue flash moonstone and I sense that it gently opens our consciousness to live in wise harmony with the transit of the astrological moon, a key component of the ascension process, especially on a daily basis. Blue flash moonstone is a gemstone of deep reflection, it will show you things that need to be healed or resolved from deep within, including through clairvoyant flashes and doses of emotional gnosis. It has a definite “heal from the past” energy signature to it.


One of its most valuable properties is found in its “anti-Lilith” nature as it repels and helps to exorcise the force and influence of this ancient demoness - and spirits which are near to her in likeness and energy type. Blue flash moonstone is a perfect gemstone choice for those who wish to overcome and ascend beyond Lilith’s influence in their life, including from attacks by men and women who are acting as vessels of Lilith. Wisdom to carry: the flash from this moonstone is blinding and repelling to Lilith.


Blue flash moonstone increases emotional and intuitive intelligence in a way that blends with the mystical world. It helps us to understand and master our lunar cycles, including and especially our lunar returns. Wisdom of the moon is gradually revealed through it and harmony between genders is fostered through it. A great gemstone for understanding deep spiritual dynamics active within families, it is also a boon for anyone involved in a spiritually-themed business. It brings the Light of the moon within.


We are pleased to offer this beautiful, high-quality blue flash moonstone pendant that’s been set in sterling silver. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


Wishing you divine experiences with your new blue flash moonstone,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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