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Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline Pendant


Putrefaction, the first stage of the alchemical process, is powerfully advanced by the purifying energy of black tourmaline, especially when the precious gem is found in its finer quality levels. For a soul to advance triumphantly through the alchemical process that results in a divine and perfected human, it must first experience a purging of spiritual darkness which is often anchored deeply within the ego and psyche. In this “nigredo” phase of shadow confrontation black tourmaline quickens our ability to transmute inner darkness into new spiritual light in a way that feels amazingly and therapeutically refreshing, especially on the mental, psychological and spiritual levels.


Black tourmaline is commonly known as a highly protective crystal against negative energy that also has beneficial grounding properties, and these beliefs are both true, but black tourmaline also has a great secret: it is the crystal that most closely mimics the alchemical energy of “vitriol” which is famously recorded in prominent alchemical texts such as “L’Azoth des Philosophes.” The deeper meaning of vitriol is thus: “visit the interior of the earth and rectifying you will find the hidden stone.” Black tourmaline offers the energy of vitriol for those who wish to explore a deeply sacred inner purification process that results in the discovery of divine treasures of the soul and of the Great Mystery itself.


Black Tourmaline, with its Scorpio/Taurus energy signature, offers the following benefits for those who are willing to experiment with it:


  • quickens the conquest of personal demons


  • absorbs and neutralizes toxic, dense and demonic energy


  • instills feelings of cleansing, grounding, clarification and release of heaviness


  • relieves intense psychological pressure, enables new psychic healing


  • enables success against the various spiritual vices (anger, envy, greed, etc)


  • enhances spiritual protection during malefic astrological times


  • accelerates evolution into a fearless and egoless state


  • raises awareness on toxic patterns that damage health


  • severs energetic connection to dark forces unrealized


  • empowers one to break internal chains that restrict healing and growth


  • elevates internal state of spiritual purity quickly and preciously


  • increases stability and spiritual assurance during periods of dark turmoil


  • supports the success of preliminary stages of alchemical initiation


  • greatly supportive of ‘darkness to light’ inner transformation


  • quickens recovery from severe spiritual attack (Pluto, Lilith, Hades, etc)


  • works to eliminate internal ‘footholds of darkness’ that negative entities can use


  • stimulates a ‘powerless to powerful’ personal transition process


  • increases protection against black magic, spells, witchcraft, vampirism, etc


  • diminishes the intensity and frequency of night terrors


  • supports physical healing through safe emission of far infrared energy


We recommend high-grade black tourmaline for those who would like to experience these types of benefits. It’s good to know that black tourmaline has high synergy with Herkimer diamond, charoite and sugilite, crystals which further enhance and accelerate its positive effects and which can be found on our site in their respective crystal galleries. We are pleased to offer you this prime quality black tourmaline in pendant that has been set in sterling silver. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance with a decade-long delivery success rate of 99.99%.


Wishing you divine experiences with your new black tourmaline,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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