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Ametrine Pendant

Ametrine Pendant


Ametrine is a beautiful, luminous gemstone made of amethyst and citrine that works exceptionally well at inviting creative inspiration, especially in the literary sense. Its energy is warm, mentally enriching and incredibly valuable against writer's block, the bane of many professional writers, poets and artists.


On a spiritual level Ametrine establishes a divine and genuine connection to the Greek Muses of mythologic fame as well as certain angels connected to human creativity, especially in artistic form. When wearing Ametrine one becomes a lightning rod for creative inspiration sourced from the higher spiritual and celestial realms. 


Ametrine has a lovely way of uniting and awakening the intelligence of the heart and mind for a more cohesive and productive artistic expression. It can stimulate inner vision which can propel an artist along toward success and in terms of the elements Ametrine works in a rapturous way through water and fire. 


Our Ametrines will have you feeling charged up, invigorated, motivated and ready to act toward producing your next level of artistic success. Let the Muses of Heaven sing into your heart and mind in their sweet, golden way with this stunning, natural-color Ametrine shining around your neck. This pendant was created of natural Ametrine and sterling silver. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. 


Much love,


Sal & Amari 


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