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Alchemista Pendant (VIDEO)

Alchemista Pendant (VIDEO)


This beautiful, one-of-a-kind crystal pendant was created by Mystic Amari out of high grade Shungite, rare 'red cap' Amethyst, pure silver and pure copper. 


Shungite is a powerful EMF and dark energy protector that has real antioxidant and anti disease value. It speeds healing and regenerative processes while promoting an overall energy detox, including on the astral level. Shungite is an ET sourced material that has a dramatic healing profile. Studies with Shungite have demonstrated the following benefits per the extensive research and findings of Dr. Grigory Andrievsky:


  • neutralizes free radicals in a strong and long-lasting way


  • creates an adaptogenic cellular effect (anti stress)


  • normalizes cellular metabolism


  • increases enzymatic activity


  • stimulates tissue regeneration


  • demonstrates strong antibacterial action


  • increases resilience to disease


  • possesses anti-inflammatory properties


  • stimulates neurotransmitter exchange (healthy brain function)


  • improves joint function and flexibility


  • neutralizes toxins and fosters the elimination of waste


  • speeds wound healing


  • demonstrates water purification ability


  • enhances sleep quality


  • improves psychological health


  • increases the feeling of inner harmony


  • promotes a healthy energy balance


  • aligns the energetic body via action on the chakra system


More information about Shungite can be read here.


In the Holy Bible amethyst is described in Revelation 21:20 as being the twelfth gemstone foundation beneath the city gates of the New Jerusalem that descends from Heaven to Earth. Amethyst’s connection to the divine new Earth is prophetically recorded and as Christian mystics we know that it can be used to rapidly develop the spiritual dimension of one’s life while helping one to conquer forms of self-sabotage, escapism, addiction and illusion. When someone is their own worst enemy amethyst can work a miracle of transformation that saves and blesses their life.


If one feels that they are under spiritual attack amethyst is a great protective crystal that also offers physical healing through its natural emission of far infrared light. Amethyst has a special magic that speeds up positive karmic returns so that we enjoy the fruit of our past righteousness more quickly and more richly. Amethyst can anchor cosmic light in ways that create miraculous occurrences in our lives. It is a powerful crystal to work with for those who have lost hope and for those who wish to rise out of tragic conditions yet it is gentle enough for those who are energy sensitive.


More information about Amethyst can be read here


This pendant is perfect for someone who is ready to physicall and spiritually heal and transform, especially from ongoing health troubles, addictions, and so forth. We also think it wisely placed with someone who is a professional healer or intuitive. 


We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. 


Much love, 



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    This pendant is being sold in great condition. All sales are final.

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