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The Astrology of Silicon Valley Bank's Collapse

Are you curious to know why Silicon Valley Bank collapsed when it did? If so, this article was created for you. The chart below reveals the astrology of SVB which was founded on October 17th, 1983 beneath a Libra Sun. It's of special importance to focus on the Sun, Pluto and Saturn of SVB because these are the precise energy points that were under immense cosmic pressure at the time of its failure. SVB was founded with the Sun at 23° Libra, Saturn at 5° Scorpio and Pluto at 29° Libra. It's also important to note that SVB was founded beneath a Pisces moon. Take a quick moment to acquaint with the fallen stars of SVB:

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So why did the 16th largest bank in the United States, who operated as a central financing node in the "woke" business world, fail so spectacularly on March 10th, 2023 after 39 years of successful operation? This is what I see as an astrologer:

  • transiting Pluto in Capricorn squared SVB's Pluto in Libra

  • transiting Zeus Rx in Libra conjuncted SVB's Sun in Libra

  • transiting Apollo Rx in Scorpio conjuncted SVB's Saturn in Scorpio

  • transiting Saturn in Pisces sign matched SVB's Moon in Pisces

If you compare the chart below to the chart above you can see these aspects at work. Clearly there were two benefic deities presiding over the collapse of this hardcore leftist bank: Zeus and Apollo. Zeus was directly over SVB's Sun and Apollo was directly over SVB's Saturn. Word on the street is that a great deal of high-ranking leftists have lost staggering amounts of money that won't be insured. The Pluto square Pluto aspect inspires thought of the ouroboros and the 'snake eating snake' prediction that we uniquely gave last February. It looks to me that God has returned economic warfare to the faction who is driving it.

silicon, valley, bank, chart, astrology, horoscope, astrological, starseeds, founding, astrologer, salvador, russo

It's also important to know that SVB collapsed shortly after Saturn entered Pisces on March 7th. I find this highly significant as SVB was founded beneath a Pisces moon. Although transiting Saturn didn't make an aspect to an SVB energy point as soon as it entered Pisces it made a sign match to the SVB moon. I've had an astrological theory in mind these last few years that if Saturn's transit matches the moon sign of a person or entity that this can be perceived as a negative influence and a sign of extraordinary hardship. Considering what has just happened with SVB and the Saturn/Moon connection at work, I feel even more confident about my Saturn/Moon theory. Heads up to all Pisces moons!

I also highlighted a trine that was active between Mercury and Baal on the day of SVB's collapse: Mercury was at 13° Pisces trining Baal Rx at 13° Cancer. One can think of 'Baal in Cancer' as an extremely negative spiritual influence that corresponds to corrupt banks, financial crimes, dark money and the financing of subversive and evil things. Baal was stricken by Mercury on the day of the fall, like a cosmic cherry on top of it all. It looks to me that God, through His cosmic order which all the gods are a part of, took this bank down for His wise purposes. Take note of who is losing: overwhelmingly it appears to be the radical left. God's people shouldn't fear when a corrupt bank falls in divine time.

I believe that one of the positive effects of Saturn's transit in Pisces is that we will see Biblical-grade karmic reckonings at all levels of society. I believe that what just happened with SVB and the woke-destroying financial ripple effect that it caused is just the tip of the iceberg for what the world will see these next three years. I've had visions this weekend of a financial house of cards collapsing into rubble, then from the rubble a field of glowing gold emerges that serves as fertile soil and true foundation for a new economy that God raises from the ashes of the old which is false, rotten and malicious. I've shown you what Pluto square Pluto did to SVB, now look below and see that Pluto will soon quincunx the natal Pluto of the Federal Reserve System! This starts soon, on March 23rd.

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Astrologically speaking, I think that we will see a significant devaluation or collapse of the U.S. dollar in early 2024 along with a failed push for a 'digital dollar. I can see that starting sharply next February. I personally don't have fear about this outlook, it is my understanding that the old system must be destroyed so that the economic parasites can be removed from power. After this happens I believe that God will appoint new economic stewards who will preside over the creation of a divine economic system, the one that we're all waiting for. The chart above shows the Pluto/Pluto quincunx aspect that is coming in the Fed. I think it very wise to keep your dollar exposure super low heading into 2024.

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There is a very important security enhancing transit that I'll soon be writing about, I'm referring to the upcoming transit of Mars in Cancer which begins this March 26th. I encourage wise and conscious citizens to check back to our blog later this month where you'll be able to read high-value, sign-specific guidance about Mars in Cancer and how it weaves into the greater economic security picture. To enter 2024 with the strongest level of security Mars in Cancer needs to be done right here in 2023. The only true security is the one that comes from God. Have no fear about our times and lean closely on God each day. I hope that you've enjoyed this free article, if so contributions can made to us here.

Faithful in God's economic plans for the world,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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1 comentário

12 de mar. de 2023

Thank You for Your Insight, Sal. Grateful, on one level, to finally see Karma manifest for those that enjoy aspects of the “Five Cursed Nations” and sorrow for some of those that have lost.

But, in the end, one reaps what one sows, regardless on when it was planted; in this lifetime or a previous lifetime. ✨🙏✨

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