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South Africa: National Horoscope & Crisis Perspective

With a compassionate heart for the crisis in South Africa and with motivation to add Light to the nation I present my best intuitive estimation of the true South Africa national horoscope from the Uranian astrology perspective. Citing the Union of South Africa's establishment on May 31st of 1910 as the Republic of South Africa's original birth in time, here below any and all can see the astrological makeup of a potential-rich nation that has been plagued by poverty, corruption and great social inequalities. With God having authority over all things I remain confident that brighter days will enter the lives of South Africa's citizens.

With the above chart as a reference it's important for South African's to understand that the Zuma-influenced sparking of the July 2021 national crisis is directly connected to the retrograde transit of Pluto at the 25th degree of Capricorn. From this position transiting Pluto made a 150° quincunx aspect to the natal Pluto of South Africa at 25° Gemini. Pluto's transiting retrograde also made conjunction to the natal Uranus of South Africa at 24° Capricorn. Simply stated, this is a Pluto-influenced crisis that is directly connected to the incarceration of Jacob Zuma, a Plutonian figure and modern father of South African poverty.

With the clear understanding that Jacob Zuma is a manifestation of Pluto energy in South Africa also look at the circled area of his estimated Uranian birth chart above. Jacob Zuma was born 'between demons' so to speak as his Aries Sun is flanked by Hades in Aries to the rear and Kronos in Taurus to his front. These are symbols of his extreme corruption and when combined with his Saturn in Taurus they explain the devastating economic effect that he has had on the South African economy, a situation which is directly fueling the violent social instability that we are seeing. South Africa is facing an ongoing Pluto crisis.

As I write transiting Jupiter is retrograde at 1° Pisces in conjunction to one of South Africa's major astrological healing points: its Chiron at 2° Pisces. The recent new moon in Cancer also made exact conjunction to South Africa's Mars at 18° Cancer and simultaneous trine to a demonic poverty-causing influence which is the Hades of South Africa at 19° Pisces. Through the influences of Jupiter and the recent new moon I see the nation, despite the current turmoil, as entering a higher dimension security-enhancing celestial energy that will quell the active turmoil while establishing new foundations for economic recovery.

But when will the active emergency calm? When will the instability be quelled? My answer is beginning in October when Jupiter will resume prograde in Aquarius, the exact date being October 17th. I realize that this event is months away but considering the effect of the recent new moon, the Zeus prograde and Jupiter's miracle-seeing influence in Pisces, I do think that South Africa will be seeing periodic relief and improvements along the way. I will continue to watch the country and commenting to the best of my ability. I want our followers there to know that we love you, we care and we are doing our best in Light for you.

May powerful Christ Light enter South Africa at once!

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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