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New Moon in Gemini: The Royal Winds

The royal winds of the cosmic order will soon be gusting greatly as the new moon in Gemini introduces us to the lion’s share of 2017. Heavy hearts and minds will be lifted by the sun-kissed elements that will be brightening our days with new beauty, quality, and joy. The dark media storm will soon be pierced by beautiful truth and artistic evolution that will restore balance and spiritual purpose into modern communication systems. The wires that interconnect us all will soon glow with a radiance from beyond our world. Consider this new moon as the twin trumpet blare that precedes the Leo mega-quake that will be the Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017.

I predict the following themes and experiences to manifest til the full moon in Gemini of December 3rd, 2017:

  • mysterious and ongoing increases in mental creativity and artistic talent

  • showers of spiritual charisma upon the good, righteous, and elect

  • commercial growth and success through inspired image and style upgrades

  • massive career momentum for those involved in digital arts, music, and entertainment media

  • renaissance light upgrades for struggling spiritual artists, musicians, and creatives

  • orchestrated matchmaking for the sake of love, happiness, and creative success

  • decimation among youth-destroying gang networks, cultures, and enterprises

  • fateful exposures of undiscovered cheaters and two-faced lovers

  • soul awakening misfortunes for those who use mystical cards in dark ways

  • ideal path confirmations shown through doubles, pairs, and twins

  • dramatic new mystical vision that enables the true perception of reality

  • joyful quality of life increases in the days of children, teens, and young adults

  • widespread spiritual activation triggers for unconscious millennials

  • rumblings and surprises from the royal houses of our world

  • the divinely timed introduction of creative complements

  • powerful new synergy between your heart, throat, and third eye chakras

  • increases in Christian media power and political influence

  • higher levels of learning on the mystical properties of light, sound, and color

  • the sudden development of royal qualities in thought and speech

  • and the reception of divine communications that dramatically improve your future

Jupiter Joys

At the relative start of this lunar cycle Jupiter will resume its prograde in Libra. On June 9th the most beneficial influence in all of astrology will return to full power to carry us gracefully and expansively into March of 2018. Our journeys of justice will enter wonderful new dimensions as God will issue us perfect blessings through the timing of Jupiter. As the Gemini energy jives with Jove we will find ourselves in an increasingly rich and lively social environment ripe with growth promoting potential. When life beckons you out into a new social mix remember these higher factors and make the most of Jupiter’s people.

Celestial Children

I’m delighted to share that this Gemini cycle will preside over tremendous milestone developments among the celestial children of the world. Celestial children are those with extremely important spiritual missions who each have unique spiritual gifts that are astrologically awakened from their DNA at certain cosmic times. When the gifts are unlocked the celestials will manifest remarkable new levels of intelligence, ability, and creative power, even to supernatural extents. If you have them or not know that these children are here and they need us to protect and nurture them into their highest potential.

Loyalty Wars

For those who have yet to notice there is a loyalty war raging within the United States of America. It’s a simple play: we have Obama/Clinton/Soros loyalists, in government and media, attempting to sabotage the new Trump administration from within. The problem, essentially, amounts to treasonous disloyalty to the lawfully elected, cosmically blessed President Trump. Through the astrological events of this cycle, including Jupiter’s prograde and the century-rare total solar eclipse in Leo, God will intervene in the loyalty war to declare Trump the victor. Did you see him wielding a sword?

Clouds Parting

Corporate media has become so perversely toxic that it would be easy for one to develop a mental disorder from watching it too long. This has come about because of the Satanic perversion of Saturn’s Sagittarius energy. Know it simply, our spiritual enemies know that the truth destroys them utterly, this is why they conceal and pervert the truth at all costs. But I have good news! The ‘Ra power’ from this Gemini cycle will reduce and sever darkness being cast through the wires and signals of our times. As the darkness is dialed down expect to see it replaced with new media, artistry, and entertainment that enriches, empowers, and beautifies the mind.

Leo’s Signs

As we hurtle toward the destiny-shaping Leo solar eclipse we will increasingly be exposed to Leo-themed knowledge, learning, growth, enhancement, and experience. The universe will be grooming us all for great success in the zodiac’s house of love, passion, artistry, and soul expression. The heartbeat of Regulus will begin to echo through our minds and days with the passing of the new moon in Gemini. As the universe fills our minds with new knowledge, creativity, and passion we must find unique ways to cast this energy into a modern world that is in desperate need of illumination and beautification. The stage is set, now play your parts…

Divine Designs

This cycle will prove tremendously beneficial for anyone with a career or service that is founded in creativity. The yellow spiritual light of intellect, creativity, and willpower will be beaming into minds to stimulate new levels of performance and success. Creative mind melding and group brainstorming will help to manifest divine designs that descend from heaven for our cooperative implementation. New artistic projects will be bringing good people together for great purposes. There will be so many joys, surprises, and causes for celebration for work connected to creativity. Don’t forget to show love to the muses!


We are the stars of our own lives. We are the lead actors in our own tale and journey. We are wise to play the perfect parts ordained by the stars that God set above each of us. In varying degrees and scales the royal winds of this Gemini cycle will help us to step more confidently into our soul beauty, our natural talent, and our creative power. This cycle’s experiences will help us to become more creative, more expressive, more unique, more stylish, more presentable, more genuine, more charismatic, and more inspired to work beauty with our minds, words, and devices. Work with this process, there may just be some limelight in your future.

Millennial Awakening

Millennials are defined as those citizens born between the years of 1982 and 2004. This largely disenfranchised generational class has been intentionally oppressed, confused, and deprived by a Satanic control system that fears their divine potential. Where the world struggles by house the Millennials have been blessed with great light. By house I am referring to the eternal houses of Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius where the Millennials carry divine genius, spiritual power, and revolutionary governmental potential. We step into a time of cosmic Millennial awakening. Follow the stars my brothers and sisters, they will always be true to you.

Inspired Artistry

We are entering times of heavily inspired artistry that will transcend all works and professions. The glory days of many worthy artists are soon to begin. Be one with the new light, as the old masters instructed, and develop the artistic facets of your heart, mind, and soul with great vigor and confidence. New creative directions will be inspired through clairvoyant flashes, clairaudient whispers, and heart-centered gnosis. A true artist works from the heart and trust me that this new cycle will be instilling our hearts with love, creativity, and passion from beyond our plane. As creative blocks are blown away by the royal winds smile and pay homage to the divine sources of new inspiration.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty is one of the cardinal virtues of Leo. Loyalty is also one of the great spiritual currencies. This cycle will open us to great loyalty rewards that express through the forms of wealth, wisdom, freedom, and beauty. The loyalty rewards will come according to the scales of Maat with the lion’s share falling to the most righteous and selfless among us. But there are special rewards for those who have championed the care and cause of children at their own expense as Leo rules the blessed children of our world. Be loyalty minded as the weeks pass, let it guide and mold you, and be sure that your loyalty is wisely placed before the August Leo eclipse arrives.

Star Knowledge

From Regulus to Rasalhague the stars each have light and knowledge to share. As we advance on our paths of ascension our minds can become blissfully connected to starlight. This is often the secret process at work when a person suddenly gains new aptitudes and skills. It all amounts to luminosity of the mind. This Gemini cycle will open our minds to higher knowledge of the celestial sphere. The learning will be proportionate to the degree of one’s spiritual development. Some will learn about the stars, some will learn about the gods, and some will learn about prophetic things that I cannot write. With varying expression, great celestial education is upon us all.

Child Oracles

In ancient times it was understood that divine powers would often speak through innocent children. Child oracles were sought and respected for the wisdom and foresight that passed through their lips. The 4th degree of Gemini is sacred to child oracles and this is precisely where the new moon will soon activate. Let us all be wise together by paying close attention to the sayings of children these next six moons. Oracular insights will also be given to special people in special places in support of the descent of the Kingdom. Increases in angelic experience will also occur with Jophiel taking center stage as the royal winds begin to blow.

Dynamic Duos

There are times in life when it’s better to pair up than to go it alone. We’re stepping into one of those times and because the universe loves us so much it will be guiding us to pair up in perfect ways. Two minds are better than one so watch as God pairs us off friend by friend, partner by partner, couple by couple, mind by mind, and immortal to mortal to see divine things accomplished. It’s time for new dynamic duos to form amidst the glamorous Leo energies. Enjoy the new synergy, the new symbiosis, and the accolades that you will share. If you see pairs of lions stop, take a breath, and know that you are in perfect sync with God. Pray twice and hear twice, heed the mystic numbers, and don’t forget to have fun!


Rhyming from the rebel planet, William’s light but I’m no Hamlet. Rise with Ra in solar transit, chips on Trump my public gambit. I learn the stars without old books, in my past find flails and crooks. Cancer rules the golden brooks, Mars will move the nation’s rooks. Cosmic chess is my new game, I choose wisdom over fame. Pluto’s wrath I overcame, now the gods all know my name. Christian mystic know me straight, Rasalhauge can teach your fate. Learn your work and do it great, live your heart ‘cause time won’t wait. Egypt knew the sacred flower, Horus shares his royal power. Wise men know the blessed hour, ride the starlight or you’ll sour.

Royal winds are soon to gust, as for me it’s God I trust. Leo’s powers soon to bust, royal swords are soon to thrust. Kings and queens will rise and fall, August’s sky will start that ball. Searching for Amenti’s hall, in my talent standing tall. With treasures sealed in Saturn’s wake, the sacred path is ours to take. Choose the light your soul’s at stake, work the light those chains will brake. Til my death I’m always loyal, wisdom is the Devil’s foil. Power in the cobra’s coil, golden hearts will never spoil. Sense my stars I’m holding aces, life will show us royal faces. Astral travel sacred spaces, magic glowing with no traces.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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