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Neptune Transits Aries | World Predictions | Starseed Astrology

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Our battle stricken world rapidly approaches the profound entry of Neptune into Aries, a generational transit change that will create a 'baptism by fire' effect upon us all. The magical nature of the cosmos will become extremely evident from February of 2026 forward because Neptune will advance a great new work of spiritual revelation that will transform the entire world for the better and in ways that conclusively cement victory to the forces of Heaven on Earth.

The first major world prediction that I offer is this: spirit forms will become increasingly and profoundly evident in the flesh when Neptune begins to transit Aries and especially upon Saturn's titanic conjunction to Neptune which begins on February 13th of 2026. This means that demonic humans will be seen physically for what they are spiritually, there will be no physical disguises moving forward. Flesh will show the spirit and the world will transform from it.

Spiritual warfare is a reality that will become much more profound when we all begin to see flesh reflecting spirit in ways that will be both divine and absolutely wretched. Those who serve Satan will be seen for what they truly are and those who serve God and Christ will be blessed in the flesh in beautiful, glorious and miraculous ways that defy current paradigms of scientific understanding. Devils won't be able to disguise themselves as they have in times past, to their ruin.

This is the first major 'Neptune in Aries' world prediction that I have to offer. I will periodically update this article with additional world predictions, transit insights and wise guidance for readers to benefit from. Know with certainty that from 2026 forward God will force our internal spiritual state into our physical appearance in ways that will blow our minds. New vision for the spiritual war is one of the first missions of Neptune in Aries, get ready and get right with God.

Article Update - 3/27/24 - My Astrological Prediction Confirmed In The MSM!

Seven weeks after I published this extremely unique prediction the mainstream media has begun to run stories out of the blue about people being able to see demons all of a sudden. They are trying to groom the public to think that the ability to see demons in the flesh is a mental illness instead of a supernatural phenomenon ordained by God through the timing and change of His cosmic order. This type of story is never in the news and now, just after my article, it is.

Fox News ran it too!

The enemy is worried - very, very worried - about the new spiritual environment that will be profoundly active on Earth in times ahead. They want to label the seers as mentally ill when actually we are totally in tune with God. Trust your eyes and don't let them mind warp you into thinking that the problem is with you when actually, the crisis of crisis is that demons won't be able to hide in human bodies undetected anymore. I'll continue to update this article more over time, what do you think of the sudden MSM confirmation of my prediction?

Glory to God,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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