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The True Metaphysical Properties of Morganite

If the Rose Cross were made of crystal morganite would be its centerpiece. Morganite offers special value to the Christian mystic community because of the way it mimics the gentle yet powerful frequency of Christ love. As one of the premier heart crystals in the mineral kingdom morganite, which is also known as pink emerald, is a beautifier of life in physical and metaphysical terms. Because of its resonance with divine love morganite has precious beautifying effects on the physical body. After all, isn’t love the most beautiful cell-pattern of all?

As we are so shall we attract. Resonance with love-rich morganite means that we attract genuine love into our lives at an accelerated rate, including on the levels of friendship, fellowship, romance and true, soul-level love. For this reason morganite is a supreme choice for those seeking true love connections including for the purposes of future marriage. Morganite is a Venus and Jupiter resonant gemstone that raises benevolence, sweetness, mirth and charm within its owner, virtues which are especially beneficial to those with social difficulties.

Morganite has wonderful effects on self-esteem restoration and development. It sweetly restores lost sentiments of self-love while clearing and amplifying our ability to love others. Morganite opens us to “alchemy of love” experiences that can be divinely life-transforming in effect. There’s a childhood innocence to morganite that has profound spiritual application when considering the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding entry requirements into the Kingdom of Heaven where we must be “as little children.”

In terms of the ascension process, morganite, with its priceless heart activating properties, helps us to rise through “lack of love” blockages that limit our ability to ascend into higher and more blessed cosmic cycles. Astrologically, morganite emits a Leo/Taurus energy signature that resonates with the spiritual “treasures of the heart” concept. For those who are serious about pinnacle achievements in alchemy, morganite accelerates the development of the prized and most blessed “heart of gold” status.

Morganite is a wise choice for those who struggle with self-worth, anger, isolation, social phobias, romantic misfortunes, happiness, mistrust and difficulty expressing love. By wearing morganite a signal is sent into the universe that one is ready for more loving relationships to be added into their life. Morganite can be exotically combined with moldavite to quicken the manifestation of one’s true twin flame. This combination is also especially beneficial for programming the cells with a unique form of beauty that transcends the norm.

Morganite opens one to spiritual wisdom and growth through love. This comes through its angelic resonance which strengthens one’s connection to their guardian angels. Morganite can also anchor new cosmic light into the Leo and Taurus degrees in one’s astrological life. This higher process explains how morganite can beautify and enrich one’s life - through dimensional enhancement in these two particular zodiac houses which are associated with wealth and beauty.

Morganite is as close to a crystal love enchantment as it gets. A gift of fine morganite can stimulate a more favorable romantic return, especially in those who are shy or who have guarded hearts. Morganite also affects the heart to speak truthfully while smoothing out rough transitions in one’s relationship life. The magic of morganite is focused upon raising love, beauty, happiness and quality of life. And for clarity’s sake, morganite is far superior in effect when compared to rose quartz.

There is more to tell but that will have to wait for our upcoming crystal book. We welcome you to our new morganite gallery where you can choose your own beautiful Morganite to wear or meditate with. With that we will close, sending out all our brotherly and sisterly love.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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