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Full Moon in Gemini: Destiny's Doorway

The Holy Spirit will be working powerfully and miraculously during the upcoming full moon in Gemini. On December 3rd the Sun and Moon will both form squares to Neptune, all exact at the 11th degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces giving us a full moon numerical sum of 33 which is the supreme master number. An unexpected karma crossroads approaches that will set the tone for the upcoming year. Angels are on standby, awaiting the blessed hour, and soon we will all have the fruits or the taxes of our own spiritual karma. Heaven’s mirror will shine before us all to force lessons that have been ignored as the Sagittarius Sun demands new wisdom and understanding from us all. The higher power will be felt and the double-dealers will be brought to heel.

The full moon activates on the very first day of Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius. There will also be a twelve years rare trine between Jupiter and Neptune, one that resonates completely with healing miracles and mystical enhancement of our physical bodies. Full moons bring gifts to those who have lived the cycle well before the eyes of God. The gifts of this full moon will be of the most mystical and intuitive kind, of the Piscean variety that opens us to the realm of angels and Jesus-level wonder working. The pillars of knowledge, which the Gemini glyph depicts, will soon beam bright with master teachings tailored for the great benefit of each of our individual life journeys. Divine spirit guides will soon be gifting priceless lessons and wonderful new patronage to prepare us for Saturn’s transit of Capricorn.

I’d like you all to know the great theme of this full moon clearly, that being life path alteration according to current spiritual karma and unfulfilled spiritual destiny. Doors for destiny will be opening and keys to unlock destiny will be granted exactly as this full moon peaks. Although our physical eyes won’t see it our inner eyes will and through our expanded senses we will be able to sense the new currents and courses that are opening to us. Enter the new karma paths with confidence and have faith that your destiny can be understood and fulfilled in this life. The astral light that enters with this full moon will pave the way for great new destiny capacities to manifest, within and without, above and below. The esoteric energy will soon be palpable! Use your soul sense to work with the resplendent magic of life.

Let me say it simply, if lessons have not been learned Saturn will continue to block you. When Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius certain souls can receive crash courses in the school of hard knocks, especially with Saturn in close conjunction. So if things get extraordinarily difficult all of a sudden it’s very likely that there are unlearned lessons and unapplied teachings that you must first embrace in order to ascend. So instead of getting angry get thoughtful about your situation and how you can come into higher alignment with the stars that God gave you. Your perfect blueprint is your horoscope and for many of us our charts will soon be speaking in ways that surprise and enlighten. Always remember, when a lesson is learned and when a teaching is applied we are cleared for new life ascension.

Professionally beneficial relationships are also highlighted with this full moon with surprise dynamics, opportunities, deals, agreements, and future promises or strategies coming into form. Take your best relationships forward into Saturn’s new professional environment and pay special attention to the people and potential that shine on the full moon day. Use your instincts and take action towards the unfulfilled and the impossible. The Uranus prograde of January 2nd is not far away and when it comes our manifestation power will become much greater. So factor this into your professional strategy sessions with others, that revolutionary successes are ordained to begin anew a day after we christen our new calendar year. The moon will speak the rest, I have aced my Saturn test.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

Saturn is headed to Capricorn. Are you ruby ready?

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