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Full Moon 8° Virgo, February 27th 2021

The month of March will begin with divine lunar magic sourced from tomorrow's full moon at 8° Virgo. A release from forms of pressure and instability caused by the active Saturn/Uranus square will soon be enjoyed by those living wisely, righteously and diligently towards noble goals for themselves and for the world at large. With the 8th degree of Virgo governing specific healing keys we are soon to receive new and higher keys to our own healing, wellness and optimal livelihood while the full moon signals a close and culmination to a virgin cycle. The next steps in our healing processes are soon to manifest by God's grace.

As Virgo governs work, employment and the ways of livelihood this is a natural time for closure, reflection, special concentration, renewed devotion and divine evolution with the ways and means of our livelihood. For some the universe will signal a chapter closing and for others a new phase of service, growth and evolution will advance with previously cemented paths of service that will bloom beneath newly activated Virgo degrees which is the highest treasure of this full moon. By devoting our work to God beneath this full moon our work will be blessed beyond it. Heed special signs concerning work direction at this time.

In the chart above note the trine that the full moon makes to Uranus in Taurus and the quincunx that it makes to Saturn in Aquarius. These aspects represent the karmically-fueled alchemy of relief that will be targeted to our pressures, problems, limitations and instabilities which are all symptomatic of the soul-testing Saturn/Uranus square. As March begins it will be wise for us to make stronger use of beneficial science and technology as they are presented while modifying our health regimens in accordance with extraordinarily good findings, recommendations and heavenly intercessions. Angels will be a part of this.

The knowledge that heals life will pour through this full moon to heavily influence the events of the first week of March. When you see and hear the healing knowledge flowing think of the mystical wave of this full moon and apply the knowledge promptly, especially in service to others. Our minds will be attuned to the healing keys so that we gain new gnosis on what must be done to achieve higher healing. The lack of healing knowledge has caused much pain and suffering but now a time has come to receive it anew, from God, through the timing of His order. Be wise and pass the healing knowledge along as it comes.

The cycle which now closes began last September 17th, a cycle which was meant to preside over deep healing, recovery of health and successful regeneration. There are those in this world who did not apply themselves properly during this healing cycle and who are a bit behind the curve with their own healing processes. By ignoring the timing of the universe and the signs of life which have come over the months they have primed themselves for more sobering experiences and consequences regarding their wellness. As March begins Jupiter will issue divine opportunities to recover lost healing time.

Uranus in Taurus is a financial guide star at this time. Because of the full moon's trine to it March will also start with inspiration, guidance, signs, confirmation and trustworthy counsel pertaining to wise means of wealth preservation and multiplication into the future. With Virgo governing valued skills and specialties this full moon also represents a time when we should reflect on our special offerings to the world so that we can identify, refine, elevate and better apply ourselves in service of humanity's ascension. On this note, new trainers and mentors, both human and supernatural, are part of March's special beginning.

Those who do their work as if for God are worthy to receive the Virgin's gold. To ascend maximally during a Virgo cycle one must maintain this level of devotion which is handsomely rewarded in terms of abundant livelihood. Although a Virgo cycle now closes I encourage all my readers to develop this level of spiritual dedication with their work well ahead of the next Virgo cycle as this will prime you for great successes in your working lives regardless of the greater economic conditions. God can create a special oasis for a person if it so pleases Him. Use this full moon to dedicate yourself to higher standards of spiritualized work.

Work teams will be evolving in March, there will be a shuffling that God controls and this full moon is the beginning of it. Be very perceptive of new workmates, counselors, specialists and clients that manifest in the weeks ahead because there will be extraordinary spiritual purposes for these connections that reach far into the future, especially as it pertains to God's divine plan for humanity. Healing and development teams are especially highlighted. As these connections are made we are meant to teach one another, heal one another and work wisely with one another towards goals which are otherwise unachievable.

Wishing you blessings on this full moon,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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1 Comment

Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
Feb 27, 2021

Thank you, Sal, for a blessing in blessed teaching mode.

The Alchemy of Relief, as I feel it, that's most accurate. Yesterday, when the full moon rose in the East, I couldn't resist stepping into my garden and watch it. I couldn't close the curtains, for I needed to watch the moon. The energy was magical, in a most gentle soft-focus manner.

Cautiously, but still in an optimistic mood, feeling that there's an enormous shift in the making, bringing the pandemic and its misery to an end, quite abruptly.

“Hear.. hear.. finally we're beginning to see the playground of divide and conquer.... here's about Joe Biden's role in the development of the pandemic. I believe my hunch about a sudden…

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