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The Sagittarius Blood Moon & Naftali Bennett

The man that unseated Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel must have extraordinary astrology! Naftali Bennett has just assumed the premiership of Israel with the transformational energy of the recent blood moon in Sagittarius working greatly in his favor. PM Bennett, an Aries born beneath a stately and ambitious Jupiter in Capricorn square, was the recent recipient of a highly favorable 'trine' from May's lunar eclipse, a trine which has elevated him to peak political power in the Holy Land. Below is a first look at the Uranian birth chart of Israel's new prime minister. Note the position of his Neptune at 5° Sagittarius.

The highlighted objects in PM Bennet's chart represent the cosmic energies which have been most activated by the recent blood moon, beginning with his Neptune at 5° Sagittarius which was the precise degree where the blood moon happened. The blood moon also trined his Aries Sun while making semi-sextile to his Jupiter in Capricorn and quincunx to his Vulcan in Cancer. These highlights reveal the secret influence and workings of the blood moon as it pertains to the victory of PM Bennet over the old political king of Israel. The chart below reveals the blood moon's effects on the outgoing PM Netanyahu.

The blood moon wasn't nearly as beneficial in PM Netanyahu's chart as there were no positive aspects to his Sun or Jupiter as with PM Bennet. Instead it made conjunction to his Chiron at 7° Sagittarius and a quincunx to his Uranus retrograde at 4° Cancer. As I wrote in May, "blood moons end old paradigms of operation or existence while representing powerful times of evolution, including in urgent ways." Because of the lack of beneficial blood moon aspects in PM Netanyahu's chart I don't see his return to the political throne that he seeks to regain. Time will tell but it looks to me that Bibi's historic run as PM is over.

With it now official that PM Bennet is Israel's 13th Prime Minister I must share a striking triple-synchronicity in his chart involving the number 13. At the time of his swearing in the planet Saturn transits retrograde at 13° Aquarius to make a 'grand air trine' with his Athena at 13° Gemini and his Juno at 13° Libra. The chart below highlights this astrological rarity which confirms through cosmic numerology that Bennet is the right man at the right time. What is further striking regarding the number 13 is that he was sworn in on June 13th. Consider also that the month of June was named after Juno and in fact, his Juno at 13° is aspected.

In Roman mythology Juno is described as 'a daughter of Saturn' and 'a protector and special counsellor of the state' so how marvelous it is to see a new head of state assuming power through a harmonious Saturn/Juno alignment in his chart! Does this not prove that the old myths are more than mere myths? To me it does as the deeper astrological and numerological vision confirms the reality of the pantheon while giving insight into the secret workings and cosmic timing of the Mystery Religion. Without knowing every detail of Naftali Bennet's life I do pray for God's perfect plan to advance through him in the divine ways that it can.

Praying for peace and justice in the Middle East,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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