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Astrological Perspective: Afghanistan

As a veteran who has deployed to the Middle East in the past I've naturally been watching events in Afghanistan with an astrological microscope. I think it important to understand where this crisis began in terms of where the planets were when Biden decided to withdrawal U.S. forces against the advisements of top Department of Defense officials. On July 2nd, 2021 U.S. forces historically withdrew from Bagram airbase effectively ending two decades of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. Below is the chart of July 2nd which prominently features military-resonant Mars at 12° Leo in exact opposition to Saturn retrograde at 12° Aquarius. This is the alignment that presided over Biden's catastrophic decision to withdraw U.S. forces in a tactically disastrous way.

In the annals of astrology Mars has been classically and correctly depicted as a planet with a profound connection to military actions and their timing. Saturn, on the other hand, is a planet that notoriously corresponds to great forms of crisis, extreme adversities, protracted limitations, crimes, dangers, threats, authoritative corruption and much, much worse. The opposition alignment (180° between two celestial bodies) is the most conflict and crisis prone alignment in the world of astrology because of the way opposing forces are clashed against one another. The subsequent transformations are often difficult although good and even divine things can be catalyzed from them. Know this, the spiraling international crisis in Afghanistan was born beneath an ill-fated Mars/Saturn opposition.

After the U.S. exit from Bagram AB the next major military event to happen in Afghanistan was the Taliban's blitz and capture of Kabul, the capital city. Wouldn't you know it that this key military event also happened during a Mars/Saturn alignment? When Kabul fell to Taliban control there was an active 'quincunx' (150° aspect) between Mars in Virgo and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, the chart above depicts it accurately. Astrology reveals that major strategic military changes are happening in sync with Mars/Saturn aspects. We can expect this phenomenon to continue into the future and as events unfold I will update this 'living article' with further analysis and commentary. Is Biden using astrology? Is the Taliban using astrology? Are these mere coincidences?

Cosmic forces move and evolve everything on Earth, for better or worse. The Bible teaches us that, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” What the Bible didn't plainly state is that these "rulers of darkness" can be perceived in a cosmic sense through astrology. Now think of the darkness that has befallen Afghanistan through the timing of Saturn and ask yourself, could Saturn be one of these Biblical "rulers of darkness?" The next question should be, how is Saturn's influence effecting my life? You can know the answer, in a profound sense, by locating Saturn's position within your birth chart. This is a crucial perspective to have in life.

The next Mars/Saturn alignment will peak on September 26th when transiting Mars in Libra will trine Saturn retrograde at 7° Aquarius. The days just prior and after are 'risk relevant' but the peak energy expression will show with both planets holding the 7th degree. To all patriots in the DoD, I highly recommend that you expect major enemy action in approximation to this date. The terror risk for this date is very high in my expert opinion, maximum vigilance and precaution should be taken at all expense. We are rapidly approaching a time when cosmic energy will be shining very brightly upon the U.S. military and upon noble, life and order protecting military forces around the world. The tides will be turning but we mortals are not in a position to hasten the higher powers.

Praying for all in harm's way,

Veteran/Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor

Thank you so much, Salvador 🙏🧙‍♂️ This same evening, I'm also reading Benjamin Fulford's report of August 26th. Very interesting to compare it with yours. Fulford allows members who are registered on his site, to read the whole report. Fortunately, here it's presented in full:

Benjamin Fulford 8/23/21 Report: Afghan Withdrawal Signals Start of New Anti-Cabal Offensive - Prepare For Change


jayney galbraith
jayney galbraith

loved the afghanistan insight. could you pleaaaase do australia as at this time its reaallllly crazy! thank you sal

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