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New Moon in Sagittarius: Forbidden Truths Revealed

A magical cycle of evolution and enlightenment begins with the new moon in Sagittarius on November 29th. The alpha star of Ophiuchus, which is named Rasalhague, will greatly amplify the alchemical power of this new season. The new moon will activate as the sun, moon, and goddess Hera align at the 7th degree of Sagittarius which is where the fixed star energy of Rasalhague shines through. At the relative beginning of the Hebrew year 5,777 we find an extremely auspicious new moon emblazoned with the number 777. The forbidden truths of our world are soon to be released! And great serpents will soon be tamed as the hour of Ophichus has come!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest until the full moon in Sagittarius on June 9th of 2017:

  • the gradual and spectacular destruction of the European Union political architecture

  • the mystical empowerment and protection of all advocates of truth

  • the unprecedented unmasking of Satanism within the political and religious realms

  • divinely inspired transfers of political and religious power

  • terminal declines within the corporate propaganda media pyramid

  • world transforming analysis of the major world religions

  • the rapid decline of China as a major economic power

  • the untangling of organized crime from politics and religion

  • great exposures of evil within the heart of the Vatican

  • the enactment of historic anti-terror policies

  • the spiritual cursing of all corrupt lawyers

  • a great and positive metamorphosis of world vision and understanding

  • widespread spiritual initiations into the ancient Mysteries

  • the recovery of wealth through transformations, applications, and victories of law

  • the departure of hostile spirits that enables deep healing to begin

  • the reception of new spiritual powers among the Elect

  • rapid advancement in historical, political, religious, and esoteric learning

  • powerful karmic returns against false spiritual leaders and journalists

  • the opening of secret and sacred healing pathways

  • the inner emergence of powerful new soul wisdom

  • the taming and transcendence of evil with wisdom and law

  • and the evolution of law towards the conquest of disease


The most significant feature of this new moon is that it will occur in precise alignment with the fixed star Rasalhague at 7° Sagittarius. The second most significant feature is that the goddess Hera, known to the ancient Egyptians as Isis, will be presiding over the new moon activation as she will be present at the 7th degree of Sagittarius along with Ra (sun) and Tefnut (moon). Together these celestial energies will effect a great soul unveiling throughout our world where our true natures will be seen, felt, and understood in profound new ways. Our souls will shine with mysterious new light that God grants us through His cosmic order. A great spiritual metamorphosis period is soon to begin. When your soul speaks, listen.

Forbidden Truths

The archons of this world have forbidden many a powerful truth from fully entering the collective consciousness. This ends starting with this new moon! The sacred fire that burns through Rasalhague will be infiltrating the deepest and darkest corners of Mystery Babylon. Be forewarned that many of the forbidden truths to be revealed will be of the most heinous nature imagineable. As they are drawn out from the depths of darkness remember that this is all part of a divinely ordained healing process that requires us to come face-to-face with the darkest of truth. Don’t shoot the messengers and don’t deny what God reveals to you. And mark my words, the child sacrificers will be hung before the world.

Political Purification

Believe it or not but I’ll tell you the truth: the Most High God has the ability to purify our political systems. I’m happy to share that political purification is on the cosmic agenda. The proof is evidenced by Saturn’s active transit of Sagittarius which is devastating the Satanic political agenda on Earth, most notably through President-elect Trump’s miraculous victory. This Ophiuchus-charged lunar cycle will advance the cause of political purification throughout the world. Great and mysterious transformations will occur so that the reins of political power are increasingly held by the most spiritually and professionally qualified people. This multi-year process prepares us for Saturn’s transit of Capricorn.

Liar Fire

The elements have been used for millennia by God and by the celestials to alter the fortunes of mortals, for better or worse. We are entering a powerful fire cycle where loyalty to truth can make or break a future. The square between the sun, moon, and goddess Isis to Neptune in Pisces reveals that powerful and magical fire element blessings and curses are soon to rain on us from above. The liars will be set on fire so that they become engulfed with crisis, scandal, and irrecoverable professional ruin. As prominent propagandists and sophists fall from stature, and as certain media sectors implode, recognize the universe clearing space for the champions of truth and wisdom to ascend into their rightful places.

Medical Wisdom

The light of Rasalhague bestows medical wisdom of the nature and caliber that Hippocrates possessed. The wise healer energy, rich with regenerative power, will soon be coursing through our lives like an infusion of life force into our veins. Our minds will be illuminated with new knowledge, wisdom, and awareness that relates directly to diseases, cures, research, health laws, insurance policies, and odious medical conspiracies that are as real as corporate avarice. Forbidden medical truths are soon to cascade throughout the global mediascape and the causes of the silenced victims will soon be championed. True physicians, healers, scientists, and care providers will be receiving powerful blessings during this cycle.

Lunar Masonry

I will define lunar masonry as conscious life development that advances in harmony with the cycles of the moon. Lunar masonry is essentially building with the moon and it is an ancient practice that needs to return into mainstream consciousness. The house and degree of each new moon reveals how we should build and develop our lives until the full moon closes the cycle. Here are the keys to wise building during this serpent taming lunar cycle:

  • act to obtain licenses and policies that enable healing, protection, security, and empowerment

  • use the power of the pen if other methods fail

  • leverage legal rights and powers to the fullest extents of the law

  • create new powers of attorney and living wills where appropriate

  • document diligently and gather evidence to win future legal battles

  • engage legal services to initiate justified lawsuits

  • settle reasonably to untangle lives and liberate timelines

  • apply acquired and inspired wisdom into practice and service

  • update resumes and other public records favorably

  • pay down debts to increase the flow of abundance into your life

  • fearlessly explore new spiritual and philosophical territory

  • pass along remedies and cures freely to welcome divine blessings

  • share new wealth and power to help others gain new freedom

  • answer mysterious new callings that emanate from within your soul

  • pray to receive the light that heals and frees

  • realign trajectories as higher truth reveals itself

  • shine lights on dark things that the Devil has no quarter

  • recognize that a truth told is a blessing won

  • use the power of language to heal, to build, and to thwart evil

  • write as the Holy Spirit directs

  • maintain esoteric secrets that come

  • and pray frequently for the wisdom that can set you free

False Teachers

The world has become full of false teachers and this is not well with God. Young, impressionable minds have become poisoned en masse by a corrupted intelligentsia. This lunar cycle will expose and reduce the false teachers in power, authority, and reach of influence. Some of the false teachers are famous and beloved by unsuspecting audiences. I ask that you be acutely observant of what happens in the lives of prominent spiritual leaders and teachers over the next six months. The cosmos will be unmasking them so that the false teachers have no cover. There are spellcasters out there and the gods are coming for them.

History’s Mystery

History is full of mystery and come the new moon this mystery will begin reaching out to us in astonishing ways. The legends and myths of antiquity will come to life to deliver us undeniably supernatural lessons in wisdom and spirit. It will seem as if the figures and subjects in the books and verses are communicating directly with us through the great veil that divides our world from the spirit world. Be honored and humble when these experiences befall you because you have been chosen to continue an ancient tradition that relates intimately with your spiritual destiny. Love history and expect her mysterious call…


At thirty-four my soul is made, I build for God in stars I’m paid. In my past find demons slayed, Orion’s light my mental blade. My past predictions proven true, synced in cycles right on cue. Saturn’s rings beneath my shoe, I shine my light to guide you through. The cosmic law our matrix code, a master treads a golden road. When Jesus walked his body glowed, when Jesus spoke his wisdom flowed.

Growing up on Nas illmatic, now I’m full blown telepathic. Live the law or life gets tragic, Neptune guards the key of magic. Saturn’s storm will burn them down, all who wear the Devil’s crown. Heaven’s angels in your town, grace will find you if you drown. Isis soon to bless the moon, Romans honored her in June. I smile and sing to wisdom’s tune, I’ve earned my light no silver spoon.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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