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New Moon In Cancer: Turning Of The Tide

The cosmic mother is soon to give birth to a new, life-restoring cycle of balance, order, and prosperity! On July 4th the new moon in Cancer will put a celestial spotlight on the leading ladies of our time. Belief in justice will return as we observe profound orchestrations of success and failure within the ranks of the world's most prominent women. Hindrances to life and real security will be washed away by the tide turning power of this imminent lunar cycle.

I predict the following themes and events to manifest til' the full moon in Cancer on January 12th of 2017:

  • increases in security through partnerships of all forms

  • the establishment of new peace within and between families

  • the great return of good family karma

  • illumination relating to birthrates, marriage, and divorce

  • the bubbling up of friendships and controversies from the past

  • supernatural enhancements to male and female fertility

  • new gnosis of past-life relationships active in this life

  • higher awareness of open threats to national security

  • an influx of property, business, and family investment opportunities

  • deep emotional release and healing from past relationship traumas

  • the divine rebalancing of domestic duties, debts, and responsibilities

  • the clear identification of female adversaries and competitors

  • alchemical progress towards inner gender harmony

  • new and mutually beneficial partnership development between conscious business owners

  • the blending of virtuous families

  • renegotiations that favor justice, security, and prosperity

  • endings to negative, ascension-blocking cohabitations

  • the rapid ascent of spiritually virtuous females

  • the weighing, blessing, and cursing of nations

  • and the appointment of new, Light-serving national leadership

Hera's Revenge

On July 7th, just three days after this Cancer cycle begins, the goddess Hera, who has legal jurisdiction over all mortal women, will enter Scorpio. Hera will bring empowerment to virtuous women and all that they love. She will also empower the men who have guarded and served her favored women in the past. But Hera's revenge is set against the most wicked women on Earth and against all who are guilty of misogyny, spousal abuse, and more hideous crimes against the female gender. Her magic is close, her power is real, and her reach is global. Cancer rules the past and Hera's memory is as long as the River of Life.

Female Relationships

The light, grace, and growth of this cycle will overwhelmingly flow through female relationships past, present, and yet to come. Be conscious of this and work wisely with the good women that you find swimming in your circles. Cooperation, commitment, and trust will all amplify mutually beneficial potentials and outcomes. Nurture the good relationships that draw close to you beyond the 4th. Be sensitive in your dealings, prudent in your terms, and just in your divisions of success. This new moon will also dissolve female relationships that run contrary to new growth and spiritual development. One way or the other it's all eyes on women.

Grand Water Trine

This new moon will soon activate a powerful grand water trine between Neptune, Poseidon, and the new moon itself. Blended together these super-mystical energies will create an illusion-destroying environment here on Earth, something which we should all welcome. The grand trine energies will also work to reveal hidden and unknown evils that have thus far gone undetected. Those who sacrifice in secret, especially for the sake of the black arts, should fear this trinity energy that will soon overtake them. Believe me, this is not a good time to be dabbling with this or that. If you seek spiritual growth, rank, or power seek it through the Son of God.

Tides Turning

When will the tides finally turn toward the Light? My answer is with this Cancer cycle which will be especially beneficial for the United States of America. I write this because the new moon will occur in conjunction to the natal Sun of the USA at 13° Cancer. Just hours after the new moon activates the Sun will return for the USA entering my beloved nation into a miraculous year that will greatly contrast the vicious onslaught that it has endured since the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the year Pluto entered Cancer to poison the national banks. In terms of astrology the enemy of national sovereignty is none other than Pluto in Capricorn.

Anni Mirabilis

Jupiter is God's hand in astrology. Jupiter is why Brexit happened. The miraculous outcome of the Brexit vote came as Jupiter in Virgo made trine to Pluto Rx in Capricorn. This is why the people prevailed against the "establishment", because Jupiter was with the people on that fateful day. The USA has something in common with Brexit. It will, as a nation, be carrying that same level of grace into July of 2017. If you look at the horoscope above you will see Jupiter at 17° Virgo in the 12th house making a near-perfect trine to Pluto Rx at 16° Capricorn in the 4th house. In English this means that God will be intervening against Pluto's "establishment" power on a daily basis for the sake of the American people. This is God's great gift to the next era of American independence. It looks to be a miraculous year!

Fertility Cycle

There are twelve new moons in astrology. The Cancer new moon shines beyond all others for the sakes of fertility and maternity. The water element energy of this life-refreshing lunar cycle is super-nurturing for newborns, new parents, and families at large. The cosmic Cancer energy is long known to stimulate fertility in men and women so if you're trying for a child please know that the energetic environment has just become wonderfully supportive of your success. If you're seeking an ideal mate to have future children with this cycle might pleasantly surprise you. And if you catch baby fever, smile, look up, and think of the cosmic crab that lives on to this day.

Zeus Power

This cycle will feature the full power and justice of Zeus in Libra. Zeus was retrograde in Libra between the dates of January 14th and June 30th. This Cancer cycle will begin with Zeus at full power while in square to Pluto in Capricorn. This means that the time has finally come for Zeus to strike the illuminati hierarchy! Mind the days of July 7th, 8th, and 9th for extraordinarily positive developments on the world stage that defang and destroy the so-called "globalist agenda." While in Libra Zeus serves as an arbiter of global balance, military power, and political order. These realms have suffered because of multiple "Pluto squares" over the years but with Jupiter soon entering Libra to join Zeus we are soon to witness Heaven's light taking the reins of global power.

Zeus Retrograde?

Global citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the profound effects that planetary retrogrades have upon our lives. What people are not fully aware of is that the mythic gods also have retrograde periods. The truth that I recently gained with the Zeus prograde on June 30th is that the gods wax and wane through time while the Son of God remains ever constant. There are times when certain gods are more influential than others. If you observe life closely enough, with higher knowledge in mind, you will also find this true. But the Son of God, who shines as our astrological Sun, is ever constant and never in retrograde. The path of the astrological Sun is the way, the truth, and the life.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have something remarkable in common. They are both experiencing "Zeus conjunctions" to very powerful natal planets. In the case of Donald Trump Zeus is making conjunction to his natal Jupiter at 17° Libra. In the case of Vladimir Putin Zeus is making conjunction to his natal Saturn at 17° Libra. For this reason I am predicting an eventual Trump/Putin alliance that will initially manifest as a historic security pact or treaty with strong anti-terror overtones. I expect diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia to be radically improved between these two men beneath the cosmic shadow of Zeus.

Family Evolution

Families are the cells of a nation. The health of a nation can be measured by the condition of its families. The new Cancer currents come to bless and improve both for the sake of human destiny and national redemption. Expect relationship dynamics within families to change rapidly over the next six moons. The changes will be guided by instinctual urges, life necessities, environmental transformations, spiritual karma, and powerful blessings of justice. Families will soon be reordered, disconnected, reunited, and relocated. Blood is not always thicker than water. Love the spirit family that finds you.

Cycle Secrets

Every cycle has its secrets. The secrets of this Cancer cycle have to do with four primary things, as follows: the crossroads of marriage and security; the crossroads of justice and prosperity; the balance between family relationships and romantic relationships; and the balance between masculine and feminine energies. If you are about wisdom, alchemy, and ascension I encourage you to study these subjects closely as the months pass. Cycle secrets will spring into your mind if you are attuned to the subject matter. May all your lives be blessed with new life! And may we all remember the very best of our ancient past!


Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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