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New Moon In Taurus: Heaven's Bull Charges

Since time immemorial earthly wealth has been connected to the myth and energy of the Taurus constellation, and more particularly, to the Pleiades star system and the super massive alpha star of Taurus, Aldebaran. We are soon to receive a new global economy as today's new moon in Taurus commences a prolific cycle of cosmic masonry that will see our earthly architectures and networks of wealth totally redesigned towards the highest needs and interests of mankind. God's answer to our global economic crisis comes with the Pleiadian charge of Heaven's bull!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest til the full moon in Taurus of November 14th, 2016:

  • great tectonic shifts in land and cosmic wealth

  • unexpected economic goal fulfillment

  • the removal of obstacles to economic growth

  • powerful paradigm shifts in values and wealth perception

  • an abundance of new economic security and growth initiatives

  • revolutionary revelations connected to debt, taxation, usury, and elite financial crime

  • economic enlightenment among the global population

  • the gradual emergence of a new, far more humane wealth consciousness

  • the financing of vital community, social service, and humanitarian projects

  • the unexpected development of new and valuable talents

  • surges in community food production and distribution

  • metaphysical preparation for gigantic national infrastructure repair and development projects

  • rapid development and implementation of new energy resources, systems, and technologies

  • the success of benevolent resource pooling and sharing efforts

  • the emergence of a profound new crystal consciousness

  • a growing sense and awareness of cosmic and elemental energies

  • unexpected destiny awareness and life redirection

  • profound channeling experiences

  • divine future-based blessings

  • and for those on the solar path, wonderful new ability to manifest dreams in the physical

Pleiadian Power

This new moon activates in precise alignment with the legendary Pleiades star system meaning that Pleiadian power, energy, and consciousness will be directly stimulating some of the best aspects of our progress and enrichment this year. These sacred stars can be found by name in the world's most prominent religious, esoteric, and mythical texts. We are all about to bask in an amazing six month stream of Pleiadian themed blessings that will routinely manifest as priceless consciousness awakening and dream supporting material sustenance. The Seven Sisters will soon be dancing among us, weaving their webs of gold.

Pluto's Downfall

The planet of the "illuminati" parasites is Pluto. Pluto's transit and earthly regime are responsible for the global economic crisis. During this magical Pleiadian cycle the work of Pluto's architects will be ruined and replaced with a divine wealth architecture that God designs Himself, one which will be lit in the heavens above to enable a utopian developmental agenda to advance here below on Earth. The 16th degree of Taurus can be entirely metaphysical in expression. Grace through this portal can come as invisible energy currents that are profoundly life-enabling. The new moon trine to Pluto foretells of a great weakening of the Satanic economic agenda. Many natal and national Plutos will be disappearing in the near future.

Alcyone Wealth Network

The backbone of the new global economy will be built upon the light of Alcyone. This means that we will see new and revolutionary construction, production, development, wealth creation, and quality of life increases that are astrologically timed and connected to 16° Taurus. Citizens, cities, and entire nations will be finding themselves connected and networked through this specific degree of the zodiac. Observe as the Sun, planets, and divinities aspect this sacred degree and you will see the Alcyone Wealth Network growing in harmony with the cosmic order. If wealth enters your life at 16° Taurus count yourself as blessed and connected to the new divine economy that is designed in heaven for the sake of the earth.

Destiny Supports

Every human has a destiny. I will define destiny as "a special or sacred purpose that a person is intended to fulfill in the future." Because of the economic war most people think about survival more than their own destiny. This will begin to change during this lunar cycle as the universe mysteriously and wonderfully aligns us with our unique and precious destinies, to include with tangible material support. Of all the stars in heaven the Pleiades shine brightest for the sake of human destiny. Journey and build along the new lines of destiny that the universe presents to you. The world needs you to deliver your special gifts. Nurture their development with the grace that comes.

Crystal Consciousness

It was the late, great genius Nikola Tesla who said, "In crystal we have pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals they are still living beings.” Crystals will be coming alive in wonderful new ways during this lunar cycle. New energy and intelligence will be streaming through them into the minds, bodies, and auras of their owners. There will also be new crystal discoveries and industrial applications that will excite the world of science. Crystals are a big part of our future. This Taurus cycle will advance us towards the revolutionary economic, financial, agricultural, and technological advances that the Uranus transit of Taurus will bring between the years of 2019 and 2026. Utopia is possible and we're headed that way.

Material Goal Supports

Taurus is tangible, earthly, durable, and rock solid. It is the house of the zodiac that rules wealth, finances, assets, goods, luxuries, and treasures. This new moon brings new and unexpected waves of wealth in tangible form to help us all fulfill or advance towards special goals and dreams. Tools, resources, and building blocks will enter our lives by surprise to help us heal, develop, and build towards the future realities we seek to create. Expand your mind to see wealth in new ways, to include the energetic forms which philosophers have termed "the elements." In the most profound form strive to work with cosmic and elemental energies to accelerate your dream construction. This cycle is perfect for it.

Inner Development

The Taurus new moon comes during the peak intensity of what I have called the "2016 retrograde hurricane." When planets or divinities (the gods and goddesses) are retrograde we mortals are wise to work on inner development. This holds especially true for this lunar cycle so be certain to invest time, energy, and resources on inner development, especially where obvious deficits exist. All wealth ultimately comes from within so do your best to raise your inner light to thrive in the months ahead. The Pleiadian frequencies will nurture our success with inner development, at times mysteriously so, just be sure to go with the flow. A wise man once said, "as within, so without" and that wise man was right.

New Roots

Where must I be to thrive in the future? Do I need replanting or realignment to succeed in a rapidly changing world? The answers to these questions will manifest all throughout this lunar cycle much to the relief of all who question the future or their place in it. God, through the cosmic order, will be granting us new roots to grow from that our realities may appreciate with the passage of time. Be prepared, however, as the new roots may call you to relocate, retrain, or transform your life completely. A high quality future often depends on adaptability and the willingness to harmonize with cosmic currents. The new roots will find those worthy of them. When they show themselves build upon them with confidence.

Ascension Keys

Astrology can be lofty so let me be clear and specific about which activities will be most profitable during this Pleiadian cycle, as follows:

  • let go of everything that obstructs your ability to heal, build, or create

  • recognize health as the first wealth, without health wealth cannot be created or maintained

  • collaborate financially to achieve common goals for the future, especially those revolving around family security

  • use your wealth and resources to help fulfill the goals and dreams of others as this will welcome magical returns

  • build actively within communities as energy will be abundant for this

  • discover and develop inner talents with new resources and relationship supports that enter

  • sell non-essential items so that you can purchase things which will help you build your ideal reality

  • be at peace with relocation if life guides you this way

  • if you feel blocked or stagnant take time to reassess and evolve your values

  • find at least one new way to develop yourself for the future

  • if you have yet to do so enhance your meditations with precious gems and crystals

  • wherever 16° Taurus is in your horoscope be sure to build in accordance with the domain of that house

  • engage and leverage extraordinary network or community resources to accelerate your own development or goal fulfillment

  • honor the signs of destiny with seed planting, cultivation, preparation, and implementation

  • utilize crystal resources to harness higher dimensional light into your physical body as this accelerates ascension

  • eliminate old debts with the new wealth that enters during this cycle

  • measure your productivity with time and make adjustments or improvements as necessary

  • apply new wealth intelligence for the greater good of all

  • and be generous to those of a lesser consciousness

Closing Words

It has been a pleasure to create this message for all of you. As an astrologer I am very excited to learn more about the esoteric influences of the Pleiades and of Aldebaran during this cycle. I sincerely wish you all the most productive, successful, and enlightening year possible. Amari and I are here for you if you need our services. We will also be loading many new ascension crystals to the site in the future. They really can connect us with higher intelligence. Much love to all of you! If you've valued this message please share it with your networks.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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