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Sun In Scorpio: Resurrection Season

An hour of power is upon us as the Sun will soon enter the House of Scorpio to form a supernatural conjunction with the mythic deity Apollo who is known in the Book of Revelation as the “angel of the abyss.” Over the next 29 days we will all enjoy powerful opportunities to redeem and transform dark, wounded, and depleted areas of our lives, areas which have yet to fully recover from the extreme soul-testing and underworld journey that was Saturn in Scorpio. As the Sun shines through the house of death keep divine metamorphosis in mind as the cosmic time has come for it!

I predict the following events, themes, and sensations to manifest during the Sun’s transit of Scorpio:

  • Lazarus-like events in seemingly hopeless areas of our lives

  • fortunate transferences of wealth, power, resources, and influence

  • mystical and medical healings of the mind, body, and soul

  • the eradication of sources of pain, fear, disease, and poverty

  • spiritual cleansings of people, places, and things

  • forced exorcisms ordained between the Scorpio Sun and Uranus in Aries

  • the rehabilitation of weaknesses in all forms and magnitudes

  • astonishing spiritual revelations and experiences with the afterlife

  • the divine enhancement of all righteously used psychic abilities

  • the stripping of power from all who have formerly abused it

  • positive transformations in economic status

  • illumination of the most sacred and secret kind

  • long-awaited transformations in health, vitality, and physical ability

  • the conquering of personal demons

  • connection with life-saving partners, servants, authorities, and professionals

  • endowments of genuine, life-altering spiritual power and ability

  • the purging of sin and vice from within through divine assistance

  • the metaphysical healing of wounded psyches

  • the initiation and advancement of all forms of healing therapies, tests, and procedures

  • and fateful opportunities to transform or elevate career, employment, and service

Resurrection Season

We are soon to enter the time of year when lives are reborn and redeemed by the divine influence of the Scorpio Sun. The ancient theme of resurrection will be coming to life in mundane, mystical, and esoteric forms. This is a sacred time of the year when soul searching can yield the greatest of treasures, when the discoveries of the inner journey can catalyze magnificent external transformations that can resurrect or empower lost portions of our lives.

God will be helping us to confront and conquer our shadows, our fears, our weaknesses, and our pains to prepare us for the new life promised beyond the next new moon in Scorpio. Great transformations in our quality of life will be occurring in the weeks ahead as this new cycle begins. These transformations will be potent, profound, and long-awaited in nature. Deaths and rebirths will abound as power and wealth are redistributed all over the world.

What's Mine Is Yours

When the benefic stars transit Scorpio we gain access to the resources or properties of others. We are also presented with fortunate opportunities to exchange forms of wealth with one another in mutually beneficial ways. It is wise to release all which is non-essential in sale, barter, or charity toward that which is essential to our present needs. It's time to shed old skin to allow the new coats which have been incubating all year long to shine through. Detach from all which limits you, within and without, to rise with this Sun of the phoenix.

Sudden Endings

Sometimes souls cling to the very things which bind them. The Scorpio Sun is the one which severs these bonds whether they are mental, emotional, economic, psychic, or sexual so that the soul can enter new and desperately needed growth cycles. If you have felt stagnant or trapped in any way, shape, or form listen to me very closely: Now is the time to release, transform, and evolve. The cosmic energy is there for you to succeed, all you have to do is act upon what you know to be right deep within your heart. Don't fear the endings that will lead you to brilliant new beginnings.

Interpersonal Power Shifts

Over the next few months there will be great shifts of power within all human relationships. The power will be shifting so that the virtuous will wield more of it. Social masks will also be peeled back and ripped off so that harmful deceptions and ongoing manipulations can be rectified. Lies and illusions melt beneath the rays of the Scorpio Sun. Some of us will see the darker, hidden natures of others in the near future. Social circles will be evolving so that those of the higher vibrations continually find and bond with one another. If you find yourself wielding more power all of a sudden be sure to be responsible with it.


New spiritual initiations will be occurring during the transit of this Scorpio Sun. Mystical messengers, messages, and signs in all forms will soon become abnormally abundant. As they come the Sun's rays, dyed with the Scorpio essence, will be expanding and sharpening our psychic and intuitive senses. Synchronicities will become much more subtle and much more powerful. Those who identify as mystics, seekers, and lightworkers will find themselves walking mysterious new paths in secret. In alchemy initiates are often blind folded. The advice here is to take one step at a time, to be fearless, and to be highly investigative of the divine clues, codes, and riddles that find you, especially in the dream time...


Regeneration is one of the magic words of Scorpio. Our bodies were designed to constantly regenerate so that we can enjoy a mysterious longevity. Take time during the next four weeks to find extraordinary ways to regenerate yourself as this is the natural time of the solar year to do so. Take every opportunity to heal, recover, recharge, detoxify, and transform so that you are more rested, more vital, more nourished, and more balanced. Extraordinary methods, resources, and social connections will be entering to help us regenerate with power and style.


Transmutation is defined as, "the act of changing one substance, state, or form into another." To an alchemist transmutation is both a way of life and a form of art. As the Sun transits Scorpio we will all have access to extraordinary cosmic energy that can help us to transmute dark or difficult situations into their higher counterparts. Start this transit with prayer to God for the clarity of mind to know exactly how to transmute darkness into light. If you do you will receive the answer one way or the other. Never forget the power of prayer which is free and accessible to all. May your transmutations be unforgettable!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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