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Venus Retrograde: The Royal Polish

On July 25th the planet Venus will begin a 43 day retrograde period of which 39 days will be spent in the House of Leo. Now I’m not going to bore you about the mundane effects of this retrograde. Other astrologers can tell you about the dramas, breakups, shopping, and beauty blunders to come. Instead, I’m going to focus on the alchemical value and potential of this energy so that everyone has a clear understanding of how to cultivate their soul wisely as the Morning Star enters her moonwalk. So, if you’re looking for the deep wisdom of this time I invite you to read further…

Golden Horizons

Let’s start with a bit of cosmic context. The Sun has just entered Leo and so has Mercury. Jupiter has been in Leo since July of 2014 and will remain in Leo until August 11th, just long enough for one last conjunction kiss from Venus on August 4th. Mars will blaze into Leo on August 8th and then we have our next new moon in Leo on August 14th in the degree of royal government. So, as you can see, there is and will be an extraordinary amount of Leo energy in the ether in the very near future. If there was ever a time to live purely and passionately from the heart it is absolutely, without a doubt, now!

Apollo Reveals

Many hearts have been wounded over the years and it’s no wonder why: We are living within the Biblical tribulation period right now here on Earth. But guess what? We’re about to enter the phase where things really start to turn in favor of the Light. And it’s totally out of the hands of the dark ones. The long prophesied Revelation period when the Illuminati’s darkest secrets are brought to light begins on September 27th when Apollo enters Scorpio for a prolific 48 year transit of global cleansing and human empowerment. Apollo’s entry into Scorpio will occur in harmony with our final “blood moon” and both of these celestial events will preside over the Jewish religious holiday of “Sukkot” which also begins on September 27th.

Aphrodite Inspires

The reason I share this with you is to lift your heart with a powerful perspective on the future. Retrogrades often call our consciousness to the deep past to prepare us for what’s ahead. This Venus retrograde is no different and being that she will make conjunction to Jupiter on the 4th of August, conjunction to Mercury on the 6th of August, trine to Uranus on the 19th of August, and conjunction to Mars on the 31st of August we all have beautiful and enlightening experiences ahead of us that have golden roots in our past. The universe will be surprising us in incredibly joyful ways, many of which will be secretive, mystical, mythical, and memory based in nature. Allow the goddess Aphrodite to inspire your heart as her times are soon upon us.

Soul Expression

Every soul is made unique and every soul expresses itself uniquely. But at times an incongruence can develop that disconnects our expression from our true essence. This Venus retrograde is all about rediscovering our true spiritual essence so that we can radiate our brightest features into the world, with joy and passion, as our Creator has always intended. Life lessons and experiences over the next 43 days will support our success with this inner work. It’s time to strip away the egoic chains and shallow vanities that mask our true beauty and the royal nature of each of our souls. Were we not created in the image of God who is the supreme sovereign of all? It’s time to look and work within so that we can give our souls the royal polish.

Creative Genius

With the great abundance of Leo energy that will soon enrapture us we should all be prepared to create along the lines of the incoming cosmic inspiration. Did you know that the great Renaissance masters were inspired by royal spirits? And did you know that many of them were telepathic and that they were apprentices to spiritual patrons? My heart knows this is true just as I know artistic inspiration will soon envelop every conscious mind and open heart with beauty and genius from the higher realms. God wants the world to become beautiful again so be prepared to give form to the gilded ideas that are soon to come. Every artist will rejoice for the successes they will enjoy this fall and winter as the new moon in Leo cycle carries them into golden pride lands.

Eros Prograde

Lessons in love have been more bitter than sweet as Eros, the mythic god of love, has been retrograde in Sagittarius for many a moon. But fortunes for love will improve beginning on September 6th when Eros, the astrological asteroid, resumes its prograde. As many of us have learned love is not to be forced or rushed. There are times in Heaven when loving connections are made naturally and blissfully as was the case when I met my own true love Amari who is the queen of my heart. I call attention to the span of days between September 27th and October 2nd as brilliant days for love to be rekindled or found anew. On these days Venus, the goddess of love, will flirt via trine to Eros, the god of love, to conspire in splendid ways to set our hearts aglow. If it's love you seek one of Cupid’s arrows might just strike you on these days…

Child Challenges

I would be lying if I told you that this retrograde would be pure ambrosia. The truth is that our children will misbehaving, at times in dramatic fashion, as they are affected by this influence. To those of you who care for, work with, or raise children please be prepared to exercise extraordinary self-discipline during the more challenging moments. Be especially cautious between the days of August 1st and August 9th as Venus will be making an unsavory square to Saturn in Scorpio. These will also be high stress days in marital and romantic senses so please be advised in advance. Ascension will come to those who are able to tame their passions even in the face of extreme and ridiculous scenarios that beg you to lose your dignity. Citrine will be the crystal that I will be using!

Celebrity Scandals

On a more playful note, as Leo does govern all forms of entertainment, I predict that we will play audience to a wide variety of celebrity scandals, many of which will be focused upon women, actresses, singers, their outrageous antics, and their scandalous dealings from the past. I believe that vanity is a spiritually punishable offence and that at certain times higher powers can and do humble such people. This Venus retrograde marks one of these times so let us see where these scandals and humiliations erupt. In my opinion all celebrities should have a royal streak to them because celebrity and royalty belong to the same place in Heaven – the House of Leo. I’ve written before that new breeds of celebrity will be born and raised as the revolution of consciousness continues. The influx of Leo energy will soon be flushing out the celebrities that don’t belong on stage.

Beauty Lessons

True beauty is of the soul and it very often expresses itself through personality. Physical beauty is a true gift but it is not the only form of beauty to admire. During the Venus retrograde we will all be receiving beauty lessons from God in wise and mysterious ways. Pay close attention to synchronicities that deal with ancient royalty, nutritional beauty enhancement, artistic techniques, light frequencies, rainbows, colorful animals, children, performance revisions, guided makeovers, profound levels of self-appreciation, celebrations, and joyful surprises. We will be learning beautiful lessons through these realms of experience. When these times come smile that you know the cosmic reason why: Venus moonwalks through the sky.


A muse’s blessing is unique, I write with love and with mystique. I swear my skill has yet to peak, in one past life I was a Greek. My chest is lit with golden fire, the cosmic law fulfills desire. At times my guides have called me sire, and in five years I’ll fly much higher. My eyes are locked on legacy, I want you all to rep with me. Devils fall eventually, we live in times of prophecy. Know my brand and know my style, I promise I’ll be here a while. We’re looking at a gilded mile, the gods of love will make us smile. Eros coming with his arrows, in my dreams I speak with pharaohs. Conscious minds can sing with sparrows, the path to Heaven never narrows. I’m not the man I used to be, can you sense my alchemy? Cosmic wisdom sets us free, my words are sweet just ask a bee.

Do what you love. God will bless you for it.

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited, mirrored, and shared with professional attribution. Thank you for sharing!

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