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New Moon In Gemini: Minds Gone Golden

The cosmic gilding of our minds and days begins with the new moon in Gemini of June 16th! Wealth, abundance, and newfound productive use of our minds will delightfully surprise us as the seasons change here on planet Earth. Spiritual talents will be sharpened to help us apply mind power as never before. This new cycle will begin with brain blessings that enable the impossible to be built. Heaven's golden touch comes through the secret seven of our next new moon!

I predict the following themes, events, and experiences to manifest over the next six months:

  • the gradual appreciation of the quality of our days

  • high frequency accumulation of extremely valuable knowledge

  • technological and logistical upgrades and enhancements

  • extremely valuable social network expansion

  • the gradual metaphysical enhancement of cognitive functions

  • profit gaining through new technological access and application

  • the optimization of travel and transportation routines

  • the distribution of wealth to children in need

  • valuable connection with mind healing resources

  • brainwave harmonization amongst sacred relationships

  • medical improvements with respiratory and ocular ailments

  • the prosperous blossoming of local relationships

  • enlightened communications with new friends and colleagues

  • divinely inspired brainstorming sessions

  • solutions to automobile related stresses or crisis

  • the healing and appreciation of sibling relationships

  • initiations into higher states of spiritual gnosis

  • spontaneous connections with the Divine Mind

  • the beginning of new mystical mental voyages

  • the revelation of esoteric formulas and mathematics

  • the first time establishment of twin flame teams

  • and the inspiration of perfect production, construction, and design concepts among the conscious

Mind Over Matter

It has always been mind over matter but this cycle will bring this ancient adage to the forefront of our cultural awareness. Thoughts will become things with mysterious and wonderful speed within this mentally invigorating energetic environment of hyper manifestation. Begin the cycle with crystalline visions and intentions targeted upon your most precious goals, no matter how great, as the cosmos is ready, willing, and able to lend you the building blocks you need to manifest your dreams in physical form.

Clear Channels

Higher self connections throughout the world are about to become more clear, more powerful, and more profitable as construction designs for the New Earth are inspired to worthy minds across the nations. What is most beautiful, however, is that plans will be divided by two among partners, friends, colleagues, lovers, siblings, executives, and certain team members. Be prepared to apply, combine, and build upon inspiration streams that are intended to serve far reaching spiritual interests, to include the creation of material abundance for design team members. Heaven will send the brainstorms!

Sibling Rivalries

For some unfortunate souls and families sibling rivalries have been raging for years. This new moon cycle will bring goodness and refreshment to these precise relationships. With this in mind we should encourage brothers and sisters all over the world to re-embrace their siblings in love, non-judgement, and genuine support that these relationships may be reborn in perfect cosmic time. Some have gone cold for far too long. If these words apply to you I ask that you attempt to mend the broken fences that you may be blessed by God for the effort. Leave the past in the past and move forward with your siblings with the new Gemini momentum.

Mind Healing

There is great potential within this new lunar cycle to heal damaged aspects of our minds. Within a social context mental health has suffered greatly over the past few decades. Epidemic rates of mental disorders have limited our ability to advance as a civilization, many of which have been caused by chronic malnutrition. This new moon cycle will advance and introduce new knowledge, treatments, and resources into the world to help wounded minds recover with mother nature as the rescuer. Play a part in the global healing process by sharing the knowledge and resources for mental healing within your spheres of influence. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Productivity Squared

One of the most important things to remember about this new moon cycle is this: to benefit the most you must apply your mind, which is soon to be cosmically enhanced, in highly productive ways. The more you can do this, the faster your days will appreciate in quality. If you feel blocked remove negative distractions from your environment or routine to create the space for inspiration. Use your time effectively and nurture your mind consistently with the essential nutrients it needs to operate in peak quantum mode. Lastly, be sure to leverage modern technology to amplify your productive power.

Spiritual Interference

There are certain generational influences active within astrology, some of which are adverse or debilitating in nature, such as the influence of Kronos and Hades, for example. Many who read these words will have been born with Kronos or Hades in Gemini meaning that severe life challenges have manifested for them through the mental plane. During this new lunar cycle many souls who are consciously walking their ascension path will become free of the arduous struggle against these ancient spiritual enemies. This will explain why some minds will go from dark to light all of a sudden, and believe me, it is a great gift.

Perfect Knowledge

Knowledge has many forms. A certain type of knowledge that is valuable to one person will not be valuable to another. What will be magical about this lunar cycle is that perfect forms of knowledge will find each of us according to our place within the grand cosmic scheme. What we learn in the near future will be focused upon the most critical, valuable, or promising aspects of our lives. We all know that knowledge is power but get ready to receive and apply the knowledge that God deems perfect for you at this time in your journey. Teachers be ready, you're about to put in overtime - but not without reward!

Communications Reboots

Communication is an all-important aspect of human experience. This new moon cycle will help us all to take our communication abilities to higher levels. Grow with this energy and make conscious efforts to expand and beautify vocabulary while striving to be clear, factual, and precise in dialogue. Effective communication can save and revalue relationships, helping us to recover lost beauty within our lives. Take time to reflect on the true causes for breakdowns in communication. It's actually a good time to become a deep thinker...


In alchemy when one mixes the air and the earth elements one creates an energy known as "quicksilver." In a certain sense this new moon will shower us with quicksilver effecting rapid and fortunate quality of life increases, especially through technological contexts. Quicksilver also apportions time itself in the most valuable ways possible. It is a remarkable energy that will soon be with us, helping us to maximize the productive potential of our days. If you sense that your creative efforts are enjoying a mysterious speed and success think of quicksilver and smile to yourself.

Closing Words

This year, although only half finished, has proven to be the most spiritually intense and profound year of my entire life. In terms of alchemy I have just gone through an absolutely unforgettable death cycle and am now in a much welcomed healing and metamorphosis cycle. This is the reason I've been relatively sparse in my writing - I've simply needed the time to process. I would just like my loyal readers to know that I'm alive, I'm feeling like a phoenix, and that I send my love to you all wherever you are. The best of Starseed Astrology is yet to come. Divine blessings to you all and happy new moon!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with, and only with, professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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