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Blood Moon In Libra: The Twin Balances Of Revelation

On April 4th the third in a rare series of “blood moons” will occur at 14 degrees Libra to serve as a biblical omen of profound meaning and effect. As I've written in the past I understand that these four blood moons, which comprise the first lunar tetrad of the Age of Aquarius, are astrological events that correspond to the mysterious “Four Horseman” from the legendary Book of Revelation, written, as the world knows, by St. John the Revelator. The third seal opens on April 4th to mark a great spiritual milestone for a world erupting with unexpected and divinely inspired transformation. Have confidence in a future which belongs to the benevolent care of the Almighty and His divine government. I now invite you to my humble and heart-centered interpretation of this awe-inspiring celestial event.

Let us begin in mystery as the Book of Revelation describes a certain male rider holding a “pair of balances” upon a “black horse” as the third seal is opened. In terms of astrology the 14th degree of Libra, where the blood moon will soon occur, conveys the secret meaning of this biblical allegory because the 14th degree of Libra is a hybrid gateway of Libra and Gemini energy. Events which transpire at this degree of the Zodiac will carry twin Libran themes, as we will soon see, so that scales or balances are paired in this degree. For divine reasons the true identity of the 3rd Horseman must remain a secret but the hour of his arrival and works are upon us. Revelation 6:5 leaves no indication of the effects of the opening of the 3rd seal but here is what I foresee according to the horoscope of this blood moon:

I predict the following fourty four themes and events to manifest on Earth and within our lives over the next 12 months:

  • the mysterious delivery of justice by pairs, partners, and twins

  • the accelerated destruction of illuminati cooperative power

  • the great reunification of children and siblings with loved ones

  • triumphs over evil by way of newly forged alliances

  • the entrance of twin flames into holy matrimony

  • the international enactment of economy reviving laws, treaties, and policies

  • the international projection of direly needed humanitarian aid

  • the divinely inspired evolution of friendships, new and old

  • the mystical merging of minds within loving relationships

  • life empowerment by knowledge acquired from powerful new social connections

  • the miraculous establishment of peace among warring parties

  • the establishment of foreign romances and love affairs

  • the fall of wicked royals by war, corruption, and pedophelia

  • relationship revival by restored and beautified communication

  • beautiful, natural, and luxurious asset and value increases within families, homes, businesses, and properties

  • the widespread application of new technologies to reduce, deter, and eliminate violence and injustice

  • crippling exposures and defeats for ultra-negative plutocrats

  • metamorphosis, gain, and prosperity by oath and by contract

  • psychic activations and enhancements between established lightworker relationships

  • the divine development of long neglected sibling relationships

  • the creation of youth-championing political movements

  • the emergence of Gen X and Y social and political leaders

  • the gradual metaphysical balancing of the human brain

  • a profound evolution of daily thoughts and rhythm because of dramatic changes and improvements in our relationship lives

  • the spiritual cursing, to biblical extents, of those who do violence and evil against innocent children

  • fated social connections and interactions designed to end ongoing tragedy

  • adventurous, relationship-based blossoming within the lives of children and young adults

  • the shedding and sudden termination of spiritually toxic relationships

  • the majestic blessing of all child soldiers

  • the revival of hope in the continent of Africa

  • the prosperous refocusing and combination of friendships

  • unprecedented geo-strategic realignment forced by Fate itself

  • great wars of words between newly minted and openly known adversaries

  • powerful victories against gender-based bias, crime, and imbalance

  • favorable evolution of child custody disputes and domestic infighting

  • the spiritual restoration of marriage by spoken word

  • the divine juxtaposition of power between opponents

  • the upliftment of marriage through child healing and maturation

  • high frequency interaction with contracts and negotiations for every kind of good reason

  • the appointment of new spiritual allies and patrons (saints, angels, dieties, etc)

  • international lightworker awakening and networking

  • the medical healing of the minds of afflicted or wounded children

  • the relentless spiritual targetting of every enemy of justice

  • and profound expansions of spiritual gnosis and mental symbiosis among the Elect

Just Outcomes

This eclipse energy will manifest most obviously within sudden, long-desired transformations within outstanding and unresolved interpersonal disputes, biases, controversies, and imbalances. Expect dynamics in these instances to evolve with a mysterious pace in favor of just and appropriate outcomes, especially in matters where children are or were involved. New mentalities and dialogues will serve as left and right hand to the long-awaited dealing of spiritual justice. Never forget that justice is a profound energy that often manifests in ways beyond traditional human thinking.

Prosperity & Partnership

Spiritual ascension and life achievement can soon be won powerfully and naturally through new friendships, partnerships, alliances, and cooperative efforts. Be very open to new relationships of all forms that can help you heal, secure, prosper, and transcend anything which obstructs your path of growth in life. Be quick to commuicate and coordinate with unusually helpful, trustworthy, and extraordinary people who can enable you in ways vital to healing and growth. Have your handshakes and smiles ready because God is about to reconnect us all in perfect ways!

Communications Reboot

Many relationships fail simply because of dysfunctional communications. The energy of this eclipse is a perfect balm to relationships that have been stressed and degraded because of dysfunctional thinking and communication. The eclipse wave brings new intellect, perspective, and logic to souls that have been battling with their words. Those who are wise will harmonize with this energy by consciously evolving their mentality, outlook, and communication style so that relationships may appreciate. God judges by our words as well as our deeds. Keep this in mind as the days speed by.

As minds and mouths are blessed new opportunities will begin to naturally present between friends, lovers, partners, and allies. Take fresh looks at what goodness can be done amid improved circumstances with mutual benefit and cooperation in mind. Stipulate and negotiate with justice as your compass and spiritual inspiration will acclerate fortunate outcomes. Deal with others as if you were dealing with God and you will enjoy great and mysterious success this year. Remove blocks in your life by consciously developing interpersonal charms and skills as tact, courtesy, and consideration can escort you into new wealth and success.

Passover & Sukkot

In prophetic fashion the blood moon tetrad of 2014 and 2015 syncs exactly with the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot for these same years. Such a striking correlation could not be authored by a human hand. We should expect tremendous and unprecedented transformation focused upon Israel and the Jewish people, but to what outcome remains a mystery. Turmoil has dressed Israel since it's birth in 1948. What we can be absolutely certain of is that divine justice comes for Israel and the Jewish people. Life will soon show us what this means so let us reserve our judgements for the teachings of life to present. Fateful times have arrived for Israel and the Jewish people. May God be with their righteous.

The Middle East

It would appear that the Middle East will play host to the epicenter of the Tribulation with great evils plauging the region, openly and secretly, as the unforgiving heat of summer approaches. The scourge of "ISIS", the terrorist network which insults a sacred Egyptian name, and its secret sponsors, will be targetted directly and mercilessly by the edicts and effects of this eclipse. The Aries Sun promises war against the scorpions and victories for the peace-seekers and builders of the new Middle East. The seeds for the new Egypt have already been planted and plans are being drawn up for the new Cairo as I type. Be certain that the great legacy of ancient Egypt will live again in the future. May President El-Sisi succeed for his people!

Practical Pearls Of Wisdom

In simple terms here is what you can do to live wisely and prosperously amidst the new "blood moon" energy:

  • build trust aggressively

  • communicate clearly, factually, and concisely

  • leverage and capitalize upon elite relationships, existing or to come

  • eliminate unecessary conflict at all costs

  • cooperate in the greatest ways for the sake and future of children

  • try to make art of your dealings with others

  • purify, expand, and evolve your social circles

  • embrace higher cultural and interpersonal standards

  • keep justice and logic in mind when making critical decisions

  • don't be afraid to let go of the wrong people; heed the signs

  • make bold, mutually beneficial propositions as life inspires

  • play mentor or protector to new children that come into your life

  • give voices to the voiceless for the sake of equality and justice

  • use technology, electronic records, and logic traps to destroy corrupt opponents

  • explore new technological or creative initiatives with friends, family, and business partners

  • communicate terms and conditions clearly and transparently

  • be quick to return good graces

  • master the use of modern contracts

  • be social butterflies to fly farther faster

  • pick and choose your battles, there will be more of them

  • do more for children that God may do more for you

  • let husband and wife see through the eyes of the other

  • if you have to fight, fight with facts

  • disconnect loved ones from obsessive, harmful, or wasteful use of modern technology

  • ensure an equal and appropriate exchange of energy with others

  • lend trust to good things that come in pairs by others

  • be open to working and coordinating in new teams of two

  • create peace to enjoy future spiritual reward

  • honor all lawful and spiritual obligations to children

  • use blue crystals to clear and open your throat chakra, as needed

  • convey your truth to others with confidence and elegance

  • do more for and with siblings; make amends

  • guard against being verbose and unspecific

  • be quick to introduce and expect introductions

  • be prepared to work more frequently with numbers, codes, calculations, and innovative technology

  • know that God will be communicating, enlightening, and confirming with astonishing displays of number and divine mathematics

  • follow the mysterious sequences of the number two

  • remember that two minds are better than one

  • and beware the spiritual bondage that some words can create

Marital Adventures

New adventures will bloom among the noble husbands and wives of the world. New chapters and fresh starts will manifest to project worthy couples into higher positions and experiences. Be ready to run arm-in-arm into a new reality nurtured by a cosmic influence of biblical proportions. Seek and develop all things new and combine your mental energies to bring out the best between you, around you, and ahead of you. Inspiration will be shared between your minds to guide you both in focus, purpose, learning, and reward. Rekindle lost flames and passions amidst the ambient fire element energy that will echo from the Aries Sun.

New Loves, New Marriages

Listen to me, lovers young and old, who have yet to wed but should: the cosmos pronounces, by a total lunar eclipse in Libra, that you have entered the season for marriage. The time is perfect to commit to this divine contract with love and higher awareness of the time and energy that dawns. If your heart tells you deep down that the other is the one to wed then do the Aries Sun justice and be bold in taking the next steps together. Did you know that when souls unite in love and marriage they are blessed with ten new stars to live beneath? This is true and these stars are profound treasures. This is why the Devil assaults marriage: because marital vows before God are blessed with great starlight. Just be sure to pick the right time!

Single & Hopeful

I will not forget those who are single and who seek love. This eclispe will shuffle your social deck so that you will be brushing with many new faces in the near future, in person and online. Be engaging of new invitations and introductions that can expose you to a greater social sphere. In this way you will increase your probability for success with new love. This eclipse energy is wonderful for manifesting new relationships of all forms, to include marriage and the twin flame connection. Leave the past behind you and venture confidently into this new field of potential which nurtures powerful new relationships being formed. The crystal for those who seek love is called "heliodore." Wear or carry it to help connect you with true and lasting love.

Symbiosis For Success

Symbiosis is defined as, "a relationship between two people or groups that work with and depend on each other." New peace, security, prosperity, achievement, and spiritual growth can soon be created to extraordinary, historic, and miraculous extents through all forms of symbiosis. From the domestic to the political and from the mundane to the alchemical, symbiosis will become a great vehicle for ascension and transcendence. A great mystical merging of minds on Earth begins as soon as you see Selene dressed in red...

Twin Flame Phenomenon

Twin flames are souls who were created for one another by the Almighty. They dance through the universe, lifetime after lifetime, evolving together in soul and time. There is much for us to learn about this profound subject so with joy I state that this eclipse cycle, with it's hybrid Libra/Gemini echo, will usher in great new knowledge, insight, and experience among the conscious on the twin flame phenomenon. I have always sensed that true twins can be identified through cosmic numerology, that is, their sacred, God given numbers evident in their horoscopes. Whatever I learn during this cycle will be shared with the world in the future. Amari and I wish for all souls to know the marvelous joy that comes with finding your twin.

Mystic Musings

I earned my stripes and now my stars, my blade is sharp, it came from Mars. The war is here, we see the scars, it's wisdom over golden bars. Connect the dots and know the score, the stars reveal what lays in store. The future calls me back for more, I rep for pharaohs in my core. I came to Earth to tilt the scale, to see the cause of Light prevail. A horseman comes and he'll be pale, but don't you fear, just sip that Grail. Love and light to Christ in Rio, I've become a secret Leo. Alchemy can make you Neo, find your cause and be that hero. Keys for gates and stars for dates, don't you dare and cross the Fates. I aim to be one of the greats, I found my magic through my eights. Love to all who've read this far, choose and pick your favorite star. Through my lines I raise the bar, we're coming through Lloret de Mar. Renaissance is up ahead, beyond the times of debt and dread, my Aries heart and horses head, harken to these words I've said. If I was false it wouldn't flow, I pray for words as pure as snow. The stars reveal which way to go, eclipses come and demons blow.

Zeus' transit made me regal, I dive and rip just like an eagle. I love my ring but not like Smeagol, my passion pours out for the people.

With my pen I go in hard, you're dealing with a cosmic bard. The zodiac is my play yard, now watch me pull the Devil's card!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited and mirrored with, and only with, professional attribution. Include my name and website and you have my permission.

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