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New Moon In Pisces: Karma Comes Between Us

The new moon in Pisces has just activated a great healing cycle against ongoing tragedies which have limited lives and relationships from evolution, joy, and prosperity. Our relationships will be at the very epicenter of the goodness, transformation, refreshment, and growth that will be manifesting in our lives as the magical echo of this Pisces moon ripples forward through time.

I predict the following themes and experiences to manifest over the next six moons:

  • the redemption of lost, damaged, or strained relationships

  • disconnection from negative individuals, cultures, and social circles

  • karmic returns with great emphasis on marriage, couples, and vows

  • spiritual growth through mystical exploration of human relationships

  • reconnection with souls from our past lives, with powerful confirmations

  • the dissolving of harmful facades and social masks

  • the issuance of great spiritual rewards for past charities, sacrifices, and service

  • the entrance of new spirit guides and allies, human and immortal

  • the entrance of "heaven sent" friendships and business partners

  • the international "coupling" of conscious and spiritual couples

  • divinely ordained "soul recall" to enable perfect future reincarnation

  • the global observance of "diplomatic miracles" to historic levels

  • great exposures of betrayal, duplicity, backstabbing, and illusion

  • the reckoning of adultery by wisdom, karma, and consequence

  • terminations to spiritually toxic relationships

  • the mysterious, pleasant, and fortunate return of old friends

  • enlightened awareness of karma and the application of karmic wisdom

  • increased experiences with miracles and paradox

  • the rapid evolution of alchemical knowledge and ability

  • and gradual, secretive, and fantastical blending with the spirit world

This lunar cycle, which precedes our upcoming total solar eclipse in Pisces, will blend our realities more with the spirit world. The veil will be thinned gradually and wisely to help us harmoniously explore the mystical qualities and mysteries of life, the most profound of which are accessed internally through our inner and sacred connection with God and the divine kingdom. This energy will now nourish a divine and mystical growth cycle that will help us to harmonize with Creation and with divine will for our lives and planet. We should be vigilant to develop our skills of discernment as our reality will become increasingly saturated with the most mystical, water element energies of the entire zodiac. The eclipse on March 20th, which will be at 29 Pisces, will open a cosmic floodgate for divine spiritual energy to immerse our earthly lives and timelines into the future. I believe these energies, in their higher forms, will help bring out the angels in us. Please keep this in mind as spiritual ascension and empowerment can be consciously accessed by living and serving as an angel would. If we strive to this standard we will be blessed for the efforts, and magically so. This is what the angels whisper...

This lunar cycle and the experiences connected to it will offer all troubled relationships "last chance" opportunities, fortunes, and graces that they may be saved and divinely evolved if both parties make new and enlightened commitments to one another. If a loving relationship has been fractured, or if valued relationships are at risk of failure, know that the cosmos is now offering wonderful healing and supportive energy for positive relationship alchemy to succeed. Come from the heart, free from egoic illusions, and ameliorate all of your soul connections this spring. The magic will be flowing for it! One of the secret growth sectors of this lunar cycle can be accessed through spiritually themed partnerships, cooperative efforts, contracts, negotiations, vows, and interpersonal agreements. Through selfless cooperation that serves higher spiritual purposes we distinguish ourselves before God and open our futures to perfect rewards at perfect times. It is wise that we are ready, willing, and able to make decisions and to cooperate in ways that serve divine strategies for our lives and planet. What we need to succeed with these plans will be provided for over the next six months as a wonderful "side effect" of this new moon in Pisces. Esotericism is categorized to Pisces in the zodiac. For those who are more advanced on their Paths you can expect new esoteric learning, initiation, and spiritual patronage to become new and active life themes. Be prepared for wonderful connections with new spirit guides or forms of divine intelligence and be willing to follow secret spiritual paths and rights of passage that open to you in silence in the coming days and weeks. The ancients knew that the virtue of piety was an alchemical gateway, an access point into the divine mysteries within the physical body. To explore the esoteric realms we must focus on piety as the same rites hold true today in our times. The House of Pisces is like a crossroads of time. I believe that many who read these words will encounter souls who they have had past-life experiences with during this new lunar cycle. Be conscious of mysteriously synchronistic individuals that manifest in your lives over the next six months as they will be prime candidates for these past-life connections. Relationship rebalancing and growth will also occur from new past-life knowledge and perspective that percolates gradually into our conscious minds. Trust your instincts because science is too young to measure and understand the profound nature of Piscean experiences. Pisces is the realm where we hold secrets from others and from the world at large. God knows all of these secrets and God knows which secrets need to be brought to light so that life on our planet can flourish. Be expectant of secrets to be revealed all over the world as part of a greater global alchemy. Take time to reflect on personal secrets that you hold from others and share what you should to heal and evolve relationships. This is a great cycle to admit and confess debts and wrong doings to others if those weights are on your soul. The universe is with you to transmute them all. The light of this cycle will shine on marriages, especially the good ones which are strained or which have existed with certain hopeless or tragic qualities. These marriages will receive blessing this year and beginning on this day. The relief, healing, and transformation needed is en route according to our cosmic schedule. Souls and couples will be bonded magically to bloom together along common journeys into destiny and greater world service. As refreshments enter recommit to stated vows and create new ones for new times, goals, loves, friendships, and opportunities. In my opinion karmic justice is the most powerful astrological theme of this new moon cycle. As I write I see a moon with ethereal scales superimposed over it in my mind, the balance tilting back and forth with earthly cycles of time passing beneath. What is impressed upon me by gnosis is that future will begin to unfold with acute adherence to the spiritual concept of karmic justice because this new moon in Pisces has come. This impression has a dual meaning: that high roads and low roads will be opening up to each soul based on their spiritual light and karmic status. Let's see how the details unfold... The inner kingdom opens up, as we drink from karma's cup. A muse's kiss is golden luck, an alchemist has stars to pluck. Things to teach and stars to reach, when I write it's not to preach. It's to share a love of mine, to spin the stars in word and rhyme. To tell the world the cosmic time, to do my part so we can climb. Through the staircase no one sees, the Sun will guide you, please believe. Its Cupid’s arrow through my sleeve, a dragon totem, watch me breathe. The cosmic insight comes with speed, the stars are language we can read. I’ve paid my dues and done my deeds, we live in times of prophecies.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology

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