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Uranian Lunar Return

Uranian Lunar Return


The moon’s position at birth is one of the most sacred degrees in astrology because it determines when all of our future astrological months will begin. When the moon returns to its exact birth position a ‘lunar return’ occurs that secretly activates a new astrological month. Lunar return horoscopes reveal the ever-changing astrological conditions that we experience through the months of our lives. They are invaluable tools of wisdom that can be used to see, understand and navigate our months in higher, success-promoting cosmic consciousness.


Our Uranian Lunar Return horoscopes are perfectly calibrated to match the precise degree and arc minute of your birth moon to provide you with the truest and most accurate vision of your astrological months. From moon-to-moon you’ll be able to see all of the cosmic influences manifesting in your life by exact sign, degree and house location. You’ll know exactly where Jupiter’s divine growth potential will be or where Mars can suddenly propel or where Athena will teach or where Uranus will enlighten on a clear and consistent monthly basis.


In addition to the classical planets our Uranian Lunar Returns will accurately depict the influences and precise locations of the benefic gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Athena, Vulcan and others while rendering the hazardous locations of malefic Lilith, Hades and Kronos. With our lunar returns in hand you’ll have a complete, rich and accurate vision of your astrological months so that you can best align your energies towards goal achievement, manifestation and living in harmony with the universe which is the safest and most magical place to be.


Imagine that you have your next month’s lunar return in hand. You see Jupiter positioned in the 7th house of relationships so you know that this area of your life will be great for the month. A major deal can happen, you could meet a wonderful new ascension partner or you could win a judgement in court. You see Zeus in your 6th house of health and labor so you could encounter a life-saving healer, you could be promoted at work or you could be inspired to take a powerful new direction with a special project. And so on and so forth for all the gods and goddesses.


Lunar returns enable us to live in maximum alignment with the divine cosmic plan for our lives on a monthly basis. They help us to concentrate our energy where it is most wisely placed while being super knowledgeable to the greater design and order that advances above our lives each month. Planning and decision making become empowered in an unmatched way and consciousness elevates rapidly as we see the synchronicity playing out in our lives in correspondence with the stars of our returns. In short, lunar returns enable the wise mastery of our months.


To be clear, this service provides you with your perfect Uranian Lunar Return chart for your month ahead. It doesn’t provide an in-depth intuitive reading of your next month. This service is offered for those who have a working knoweldge of astrology and who would like an extremely accurate, trustworthy monthly chart to read from.  Additional service support and insight is available upon request and all lunar returns will be delivered within 24-48 hours via secure email.


For many years we have utilized Uranian Lunar Returns within our personal lives. We find them indispensable and profoundly enriching on the wisdom level. They offer a sense of security to know where all the cosmic energies will be and how best we should orient our lives to them. We find them especially valuable during challenging, confusing months as they provide a clear, wise and prosperous way through. We encourage prayer to God upon receipt of your Uranian Lunar Return that His guidance, wisdom and blessing flows into your mind.


Ascend each month with the stars of your lunar return in mind,


Astrologer Salvador Russo




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    Delivered via secure email within 24-48 hours.

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