Sugilite/Moldavite Earrings

Sugilite/Moldavite Earrings


This gorgeous pair of metaphysical earrings was personally designed and hand crafted by Mystic Amari out of "AAA" grade faceted Moldavite rondelles, Suglite rondelles, and pure sterling silver. They exhude great spiritual power, cosmic energy, and natural beauty as they blend two of the most sought after gem energies in the entire mineral kingdom. 


In terms of metaphysical value these earrings offer rapid life transformation toward one's spiritual destiny, attraction of the twin flame, the activation of dormant DNA capacities, the development of cosmic consciousness and spiritual abilities, powerful spiritual protection, enhanced spiritual perception, and greater ease in receiving divine guidance.


When held in the hand the first impression that we received was "goddess energy." When Amari makes these she draws upon energy from Athena and Aphrodite. They are quite powerful for their size and by wearing them your own development and ascension process will enjoy a divine acceleration. They measure 2.5 inches long and wow do they sing with high cosmic/spiritual energy. 


Committed to quality and beauty,


Sal & Amari

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    These earrings are being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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    These custom earrings are created upon purchase so when you buy there will be up to a one week time delay in creation, according to Mystic Amari's professional schedule. 

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