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Seraphinite, named in honor of the Seraphim angels, is a rare precious mineral from Russia with divine healing, protective and evolutionary properties. Corresponding to Spica, the ‘blue giant’ alpha star of the Virgo constellation, Seraphinite emits a supremely holistic combination of Virgo and Aquarius energies that heals and empowers the critical health interface that exists between our astral bodies and our physical bodies. Through its unique ability to heal, enhance and reintegrate our astral into our physical higher states of health, healing ability and quality of life can be accessed, learned and enjoyed.


Seraphinite is a perfect gemstone for someone who feels stuck or delayed in their healing process. While it energizes the body to heal in unreached ways it elevates our consciousness to understand our health and healing process in cosmic, multidimensional and spiritual dimensions towards an angelic understanding of human health. Seraphinite is a ‘teacher crystal’ that helps us to know and understand what we must do to elevate our health and how best we can heal others. It has a certain intelligence to it that guides and inspires our mind to see and know the next wise steps in our healing process.


Seraphinite is a sublime choice for those in healing professions because of the way it connects us to universal healing energy and the cosmic intelligence that exists in the Virgo constellation. These types of enhancements keep a healer in a peak state of energy, performance and knowing that will directly benefit all whom they serve. Seraphinite is especially beneficial for those who do forms of body work, physical therapy, reiki and other types of person-to-person care because of the way it draws the master healing energy of Spica into the provider and by blocking negative energy absorption from clients.


Seraphinite is a divine choice for those struggling with physical ascension symptoms because of the way it harmonizes and reintegrates our astral body into our physical body. When we are ascending and receiving upgrades our astral body transforms and this can feel strange and disorienting while we adjust in the physical to our new energetic self. Seraphinite quickens the adjustment process so that we feel great in our bodies as our light quotient increases and as our bodies awaken to new capabilities. Seraphinite speaks, “grow into your new self with angelic comfort and support at your side.”


Because of the powerful yet gentle Seraphic connection we sense that Seraphinite also serves as a ward against ill health connected to negative spiritual entities like demons. In terms of medical correspondence, we sense a strong connection between Seraphinite and the neurological and nervous systems so we recommend it to anyone struggling with health in these areas. Seraphinite is an outstanding choice for crystal-enhanced healing sessions and meditations, it also has great synergy with other healing crystals with Herkimer diamond being of special mention. Feel Spica’s energy glowing through it.


In terms of alchemy, Seraphinite acts as an anchor for divine increases in Virgo energy in one’s life, a process which accelerates all goals and dreams connected to health, wellness and livelihood. From this perspective Seraphinite can facilitate dimensional change, especially when used in combination with other ascension crystals like Lemurian. But in more practical terms, if you simply want to heal faster and enjoy health on higher levels while warding off negative health experiences Seraphinite is the way to go. And if you’re into evolution, Seraphinite’s angelic energy does promote humanity’s next physical level.


This is a gorgeous, high-grade Seraphinite set in sterling silver with a faceted Peridot accent. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


Written with truth and integrity to the properties of Seraphinite,


Sal & Amari

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