Seraphim Black Tourmaline

Seraphim Black Tourmaline


This elegant pendant was created out of gold fill wire and high grade black tourmaline from Afghanistan. It exhudes a deep, ancient and powerful grounding and protective influence from the blackest forms of evil.


Black tourmaline with an added gold charge is great for protection from demonic influence and for the rapid purging of internal darkness. A classically wise choice for all shadow work, this pendant will have you feeling protected, grounded and purified in a way that relates to phase one alchemy.


This is an extremely benefifical pendant for anyone who wants to make a sincere and successful "darkness to light" transformation. In the near future we will provide a more extensive metaphysical description while Amari offers more of these custom metaphysical pendants.


Wishing you the highest protection, purity and power!


Sal & Amari

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