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Ruby Pendant

Ruby Pendant

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Ruby is the true birthstone of Capricorn. It adorned the ancient breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and it was prized by Alexander the Great for its magical properties. Ruby is one of the few precious gems that is specifically named in the Bible, its value coming second only to wisdom. Ruby is the supreme gemstone for career success and for anchoring the energy required to achieve greatness in one’s field. It is a gemstone of chieftains and is ideal for those who aspire to positions of high rank, honor, wealth, power and responsibility.


Ruby’s energy divinely develops one’s character, a process which is an unconditional prerequisite for master-level bestowal and elevation. Exposure to it gradually raises discipline, temperance, integrity, maturity, excellence in behavior and noble constancy. As it raises a master’s qualities on the inner plane its energy orchestrates elevation of rank, position and status on the outer plane. Ruby resonates with the divine masculine aspect of God, it enables us to pass the great tests of time and it makes a superb choice for new fathers.


Ruby, known famously as the ‘Lord of the Gems’, is supreme for the restoration and elevation of personal honor and public reputation. It is a wise choice for those in highly public positions and for those who wish to build a stronger, more respected life through ever-increasing name value. For those who feel lost in their career path, ruby has a magical way of aligning a person to their most optimal career development path at any given time, including in a spiritual sense. Ruby will guide you to your career foothills and then it will power you to your peak.


Ruby works very strongly through the earth element in terms of fortunate attraction, valuable development and magical function. This is why it’s such an excellent choice for those struggling with earth element related situations connected to character deficits, economic scarcity and lack of professional success. It combines very well with garnet and Lemurian crystal to rapidly improve material and professional conditions. When combined with Moldavite the energy of ruby integrates personal destiny into one’s career development.


There are times in life when we must rise to great occasions, when we must dig deep within ourselves to answer a monumental task, duty or challenge that spans over lengths of time. Ruby was made for such seasons that we can make legendary success of them while discovering the master within. Ruby instills divine levels of endurance, discipline and determination that are required to achieve pinnacle, legacy-cementing successes that last for lifetimes. Ruby is a legend maker that will have you feeling as strong and solid as a mountain.


Ruby offers universal benefits to all signs but it is especially excellent for those with distinct Capricorn energy as with a Capricorn sun, moon or ascendant. Personally, I think that ruby is priceless for those with an empty 10th house, those without any Capricorn placements and for those with problematic Capricorn retrogrades. Ruby’s energy will powerfully reinforce any type of Capricorn related deficit while also offering tremendous protection and advantage against deadly Pluto as it continues to transit Capricorn.


If someone has beneficial placements in Capricorn, as with Venus, Mars or Jupiter, ruby’s energy will work to bring out higher, more beneficial expression of those energy-potentials. We have used ruby successfully for years, especially in combination with large Lemurian crystal. We will always remember the way that ruby helped us to ‘level up’ from certain plateaus of wealth, performance and position. We will always be loyal to ruby for what is has meant to our lives. We recognize it as one of the most sacred in the mineral kingdom which God designed.


This impressive, alluring was pendant fashioned out of natural ruby and sterling silver. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


May your ruby experiences be Biblical,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


“Sal & Amari”


© 2022-2030. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who plagiarizes our metaphysical description of ruby. If you see it happening contact us for a swift reward.

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