Rare Morganite Crystal

Rare Morganite Crystal


Sacred to the Rosicrucian mystical order, Morganite is a rare and precious crystal that most mimics Christ love. It has great healing and ascension value because of the wonderful effects that it has on our physical and energetic heart. Its energy is physically beautifying and highly attractive of love, friendship, and abundance because of the way that it works through Taurus and Leo energies. Morganite is part of the royal earth class of crystals and it can be used to develop Christ-like qualities that translate into all forms of spiritual and worldly success.


Morganite’s energy makes the heart lighter than a feather and it opens one to inner kingdom Christ experiences. We recommend Morganite to anyone who seeks to enhance their Christ/heart connection, to those who seek true love relationships including their twin flame, to those who seek physical beautification, to those who have closed or wounded hearts, and to those who seek to ascend rapidly through the power of love. Morganite resonates with enduring love, golden hearts, and the spiritual blessings that are awarded to those whose hearts are filled with light.


This is raw, rare, beautiful, and powerful faceted Morganite from Afghanistan. When laid on the body it feels like divine love melting through your entire being. The Christ connection is real and the magic is beautiful. This Morganite radiates love and beauty in such an incredible way that totally defies its physical size.


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