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Venus Lemurian (Rainbow)

Venus Lemurian (Rainbow)


Lemurian quartz, otherwise known as the “Stairway to Heaven” crystal, is one of the most valuable crystals for spiritual ascension. Lemurian crystals powerfully increase the luminosity of our light bodies. This wonderful effect is evident in the ascending linear growth patterns that they uniquely display. This is nature’s way of telling us that they life us higher and higher the more that we use them. Lemurians raise us into higher dimensions of earthly and astrological life. They quicken our entry into Heaven on Earth.


High-grade Lemurians are amazing quality of life crystals. As they raise our inner light astrological events become increasingly fortunate, enlightening, and expansive. Lemurian crystals favorably alter our energy relationship with the universe so that our futures become brighter and sweeter. Daily meditation with one of our Lemurian crystals will dramatically increase your rate of ascension. Moon by moon and transit by transit you will experience a magical flourishing of your inner and outer worlds.


Lemurian crystals also have priceless time saving effects. As they increase our spiritual luminosity they anchor in new cosmic energies that enrich and accelerate our ascension path so that we can achieve our goals and dreams more quickly. Our high-quality Lemurians are also superb healing crystals that can amplify the beneficial effects of other gems and crystals. To us they will always be the baseline healing crystal to use. As Chiron once whispered to us during a very special alignment, “every patient must be lifted.”


Lemurian crystals also have the profound ability of connecting us with light from the future. They can bridge astrological energy from the future here into the present. Through this mysterious function they can literally put you ahead of the times while connecting you to knowledge from the future. For those who wish to work wisely with time, Lemurian crystals will prove to be a priceless resource in all of your alchemical explorations. If you feel short on time or defeated by time Lemurian crystals will refresh your perspectives.


Lemurian crystals offer tremendous self-development value, a process which is symptomatic of harnessing higher spiritual and cosmic energies. If you wish to discover and develop your God-given gifts Lemurian crystals will quicken the process in a way that you won’t believe. As they quicken your developmental curve you will have much more to offer the world. As your value increases so will your earning potential. As time passes you’ll begin to realize that Lemurian crystal upgrades are one of the best investments that you’ve ever made.


Lemurian crystals also offer great value to those engaged in spiritual warfare. When one is entangled with demons it is imperative to raise your frequency to the point where the demon can no longer exist in your life. As Lemurian crystals raise your light they make it harder and harder for the demons to remain connected to you until an astrological point of divergence is reached. Then the connection is broken forever. Shielding crystals are beneficial but Lemurians will lift you over the demonic problems entirely. This is crucial to understand.


Our Lemurian crystals were grown over the course of thousands of years in the famed Colombian emerald mines. They are far superior in comparison to their Brazilian counterparts. This grade of Colombian Lemurian crystal has played a priceless role in our own development as mystic professionals as well as our ability to overcome great adversities that have presented on our path. They are the best of the best and that's why we offer them to you.


With commitment to crystal quality,

Sal & Amari


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