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Rainbow Colombian Lemurian Portal

Rainbow Colombian Lemurian Portal


Lemurian quartz, otherwise known as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ crystal, is one of the most valuable crystals for spiritual and energetic ascension. Lemurian crystals divinely increase the luminosity within our light bodies. This wonderful alchemical effect is evident in the ascending linear growth patterns that they uniquely display. This is nature’s way of telling us that they lift us higher and higher the more that we use them. Lemurians elevate us into higher dimensions of life and consciousness. They quicken our entry into Heaven on Earth.


Lemurians crystals are amazing quality of life enhancers. As they increase our inner light astrological events become increasingly more favorable as our astrological experiences directly reflect our level of inner light. Lemurian crystals favorably alter our energy relationship with the universe so that our futures become brighter and sweeter. Benefic alignments become dramatically better while malefic alignments become weaker in danger and difficulty. One of the greatest gifts of the Lemurian crystals is how they instill a magical safety and enrichment into our path through time.


Lemurian crystals offer tremendous self-development value through an ancient process which is based on the physical harnessing of higher spiritual and cosmic energies. If you wish to develop much more quickly Lemurian crystals will quicken the process in a way that will amaze you. As they quicken your developmental curve your unique gifts will be discovered and made much more powerful so that you have much more to offer the world. As your inner value increases, so will your earning potential and economic reality. Over time you’ll realize that Lemurian crystal enhancement was one of the best investments that you’ve ever made.


Lemurian crystals also offer great value to those engaged in spiritual warfare. When one is entangled with a demon it is critical to raise your frequency to the point where the demon can no longer exist in your life. As Lemurian crystals raise your light they make it harder and harder for demons to remain connected to you until an astrological point of divergence is reached, then the malefic connection is broken forever. Shielding crystals are beneficial but Lemurians will raise you over the demonic experiences entirely. This process is crucial to understand.


On the cellular level, having worked with Lemurians for more than a decade, we are certain that Lemurian crystals have beneficial properties against the aging process. We think that they slow the speed of aging and that they counteract the aging and disease influence of Saturn. There’s a 'bright harmony' that comes into the cells when wearing, holding or working with Lemurian crystals that is unmistakable. They feel very pure, healthy and close to God. We feel that they imprint our cells with sacred geometries that promote longevity, happiness, spiritual clarity and shining vitality.


Lemurian crystals have priceless benefits connected to time and our experience of time. In their most profound sense they can act as crystal bridges to astrological energies from the past and future. They are ascension accelerators because of the way that they anchor light into our astral life path. Through this operation they enable us to achieve our goals and dreams much more quickly. They are intention amplifiers that can be programmed with directed thought, they can also amplify the beneficial effects of other sacred gems and healing crystals.


Through these mysterious yet wonderful functions Lemurian crystals help us to live ahead of time. They are a wise choice for anyone who feels stressed, defeated or deeply intrigued by time. On the consciousness level Lemurians expand our mind to perceive time in abstract ways that interface with the zodiac, its 360 degrees and the various space-time events that we know as 'planetary transits and aspects.' Lemurians feel wonderfully balanced in terms of masculine and feminine energy, we feel that they create divine harmony within all relationships.


At this time of writing in January of 2023 we have learned that Lemurian sourcing in Colombia will become severely impaired because of crippling new government mandates and taxes against the mining industry. Since COVID in 2020 the amount and quality of Lemurian crystals has been steadily in decline with sharper and perhaps total restrictions ahead. We offer the highest grade of Lemurian crystal that won’t be refreshed in the marketplace for the foreseeable future, the elite kind that grew directly in the Muzo emerald mine.


This is a super-rare, top quality rainbow Lemurian crystal from the Muzo mining area in Colombia. It features perfect clarity, absolutely stunning internal rainbows, clean terminations, an attractive diamond-like shape face and massive energy transmission for its size. It literally looks like it has a rainbow portal on the inside of it with rainbow waves that propogate out from it. To us this is a clear sign of its extremely interdimensional nature and that it can pass massive amounts of light from the higher plane into ours.


Meditate with this to dramatically increase your development and rate of ascension. The rainbow Lemurians in high grade are so hard to come by these days, get them while they last. 


Wishing you divine crystal alchemy,


Sal & Amari


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