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The Pinnacle Crystal Meditation Set

The Pinnacle Crystal Meditation Set


We are pleased to offer our “Pinnacle” crystal package for those who would like a divine boost to the wealth and career dimensions of their lives. Included in this package are high grade specimens of ruby, garnet, Herkimer diamond and Lemurian crystal. Together these gems have great synergy for creating positive new momentum in terms of career and wealth developments.


While the earth element benefits of the ruby and garnet work on your wealth and career levels the Lemurian crystal and Herkimer diamond will provide a potent clearing and upliftment of your energy field, something which is very important in terms of accessing a higher level and quality of life. With these four working in your favor you’ll have no choice but to rise in good ways.


Full length metaphysical descriptions of these crystals can be found on their gallery pages here on our site. We were inspired to offer these in combination for those who are having troubles on the wealth and career levels. Simply carry them with you and meditate with them frequently for the magic to take hold. Over time you’ll enjoy bottom line results that will yield a great return on your investment.


Here are important keyword benefits for each of the crystals:


Ruby: divine career alignment + development; strengthens character; raises honor, reputation, wealth


View our Ruby gallery here. 


Garnet: strengthens economic status; attracts wealth + stimulates wealth increases; financial gains


View our Garnet gallery here. 


Lemurian: promotes rapid ascension; enables positive new climbing ability; develops inner potentials


View our Lemurian gallery here.


Herkimer: purifies + protects; powerful strengthening of spiritual connection; God-focused living


View our Herkimer gallery here.


Here are ideal physical placements for each of the crystals in meditation:


Ruby: solar plexus charka area, the seat of will power


Garnet: naval stomach area towards the root chakra or hand


Lemurian: center chest near the heart charka


Herkimer: forehead over the third eye chakra


To be clear, one set consists of one polished ruby, one garnet sphere, one Herkimer diamond and one Lemurian crystal. We offer two set sizes, small and medium, with sizes to be seen in the images above. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. 


Wishing you pinnacle successes,


Sal & Amari


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    This crystal set is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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