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The Phoenix Crystal Meditation Set

The Phoenix Crystal Meditation Set


We are pleased to off our “Phoenix” crystal package for those who would like to experience deep healing and renewal on the emotional, psychological and subconscious levels. Included in this package are high grade specimens of charoite, eudialyte, lepidolite and Lemurian crystal. Together these gems have great synergy for the healing of deep traumas of the most painful kind.


As charoite gently heals the deepest parts of our psyche the rare Russian eudialyte heals the heart of deeply etched pain and scorn, processes which trigger a divine recovery process within. As this unfolds the lepidolite sooths anxiety and creates a wellness promoting calm while the Lemurian crystal raises our energy into higher levels, effectively raising us out of energetic pits of depression, pain and despair.


Full length metaphysical descriptions of these crystals can be found on their gallery pages here on our site. We were inspired to offer these in combination for those who would like to recover from deep, life-altering trauma. Simply carry them with you and meditate with them frequently for the magic to take hold. Over time you’ll enjoy bottom line results that will yield a great return on your investment.


Here are important keyword benefits for each of the crystals:


Charoite: deep psychological healing; psychic purification + activation; mental cleansing; fearlessness, conquest of negative mental patterns


View our Charoite gallery here.


Eudialyte: sacred heart healing; loving emotional renewal; promotes emotional + spiritual catharsis, recharges people depleted from spiritual warfare; increases sense of stability, purpose and strength; prepares one for the next phase of spiritual challenges. 


View our Eudialyte gallery here.


Lepidolite: dissolves anxiety; sooths an overactive mind; nerve calming; enhances spiritual receptivity


Lemurian: rapidly elevates personal energy stuck in low places; quickens release of trauma patterns; climb out of "low pits" much faster while healing along the way


View our Venus Lemurian gallery here.


Here are ideal physical placements for each of the crystals in meditation:


Charoite: on the forehead for direct access to the psyche


Eudialyte: on the heart for the most pronounced healing effect


Lepidolite: held in the hand or at the base of the neck


Lemurian: center chest near the heart chakra


To be clear, one set consists of one polished charoite, one polished eudialyte, one polished lepidolite and one Lemurian crystal. We offer two set sizes, small and medium, with sizes to be seen in the images above. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


Wishing you a majestic phoenix experience,


Sal and Amari 


New to crystal benefits? Read our crystal reviews page to learn about the wonderful experiences that our crystal clients are having. 


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    This crystal set is being sold in excellent condition. All sales are final.

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